That was the sweetest thing

The eldest handed me a memory stick last night, filled with photos from my 50th birthday party.

A uni student was tasked with taking the official shots on the night, but I asked the eldest use the Canon camera they got for Christmas to capture the atmosphere on the night.

Like my ex, the eldest has a few organisational issues when it comes to meeting personal deadlines. After a few promptings to show me the pics, I’d given up ever seeing them.

But they’ve finally made their way onto my computer and I’m thrilled with them – they’re dark and random and quirky and take me straight back to that wonderful night.

They also reminded me that my favourite birthday gift from DD was the song he wrote and sang on the night for me – a reworked version of Van Morrison’s “Gloria” as “Alana”. It was one of the nicest moments of my life. I almost couldn’t believe it was happening.

The eldest also snapped a few moments between DD and I at the party that show our connection in a way I’ve never had the chance to see before.

Here are just a few of my favourites:

Coincidentally, the Christmas camera was a topic of agitated conversation with my ex at parent-teacher night earlier this week – I muttered about it being yet another wasted gift, as I hadn’t seen it in months. (The eldest is notoriously detached when it comes to gifts, I once found a whole Santa sack of untouched presents in the wardrobe from years prior.)

The fancy camera was purchased because the eldest had chosen photography as an elective for year 9 and 10. But changing schools mid-way through term one meant rethinking electives, as certain choices weren’t available.

The eldest ended up doing philosophy, which has turned out to be an unexpected hit. I was so inspired after talking to the philosophy teacher – it’s a special course he’s designed in collaboration with Macquarie University and it sounds fascinating.

For example, in the next unit they’re going to discuss everything that was happening in Shakespearean England EXCEPT Shakespeare, because he figures they’ll learn enough about Shakespeare in English.

He’s teaching the class about all the stuff that was going on around Shakespeare – the other authors and playwrights and poets and social movements. My eyes went saucer-shaped with delight – how awesome is that? Can you imagine the depth of knowledge it gives the kids when it’s time to write essays about Shakespeare? I shook his hand very vigorously at the end of our five-minute session, thanked him profusely for his dedication and didn’t feel quite so bad about the redundant camera.

Oh, and DD is back in Oz today after five nights in Japan and Korea – that’s another sweet thing!

Song of the day: U2 “The sweetest thing”

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