Little unexpected things

Yesterday was filled with little unexpected things.

It kicked off with a pimple outbreak on my chin.

FFS! I am 50! What’s with that? Have I not been through enough hormonally driven facial distress in my life?

It’s so not fair that my chin is twinning with my pubescent 14-year-old’s.

Dr Google tells me acne breakouts at 50 can be caused by stress – yup, got plenty of that right now – or my sebum production could be out of whack due to menopause – rack off menopause you dirty word you.

As I drove to work, the dashboard started flashing a warning message that said: “Risk of black ice”.

Now, while it was pretty freaking cold, I doubt I’ll ever encounter black ice on the mean streets of Chatswood. Gave me a laugh though. tells me parts of Sydney shivered through their coldest morning for a generation. The temperature in Penrith dropped to -1.8C, its coldest for 24 years. In northern NSW, firefighters had trouble putting put out a fire as their hoses had frozen solid.

Brrrrrr … I am sooooo glad I finally found where I stashed my electric blanket during the last house move. One of the drawbacks of being a single mum in is that you don’t have a warm body lying beside you to ease the chill.

My working day was fairly uneventful. Well, other than having a nose bleed, which Dr Google reckons might be caused by dry air, alcoholism or congestive heart failure.

I’m going to err on the side of non-catastrophising and say it was from the winter heating.

Actually, I take it back.

Dr Google’s had a rethink and reckons it could also be a sign of menopause. Apparently, the changes in hormones during menopause can cause the tissues in the nose to dry out or become smaller.

I don’t want to dry out, so I’m going to stick with the air-conditioning explanation.

The day ended with a trip to the orthodontist to discuss the youngest’s agenisis.

Of course, the youngest’s agenesis – a condition where adult teeth are missing due to a “developmental failure” – happens to have affected one of her front teeth. And it’s going to cost $7000+ to fix.

There goes my dream of seeing the Northern Lights one day.

Meanwhile, the pain in my arms from my Warrior workout on Saturday is still torturing me. Oddly, the most acute agony seems to be radiating from the front of my forearms, just below the elbow.

I am pretty sure the front of my forearms have never previously experienced intense muscle pain during my 50 years on this earth.

It hurts so much that I can’t even straighten my arms out. I’m walking around like they’re both in imaginary slings. Putting on coats is torture. Even cleaning my teeth hurts like Hades.

Anyways, those were the little obstacles I faced in my day. How was yours?

Song of the day: Blancmange “Living on the ceiling”


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