Indulge me

I need to share more roof porn with you. Think of it as 50 shades of grey and blue …

Admittedly not quite as titillating as a red room, but I’m very excited.

My roofing guy – a lovely Yorkshireman called James Stokes at who painted the tiles and replaced the gutters – had a drone and he took footage of the makeover! I only have the stills at the moment, I get the moving pictures next week.

Here are the before and afters from above …

Check out the front verandah, I got the roofing guys to paint it too. It’s an experiment to see if I can avoid replacing it.

In other exciting news I attended a virtual training session yesterday with about 20 people via Microsoft Teams and had a medical episode about halfway through.

Well, not technically a medical episode, but I recall seeing a comedy performance by Kitty Flannagan where she dissed a date for telling her he was “crook in the guts”, so I thought I shouldn’t say that.

The training session was very, very important and it would have been very, very bad if I had missed a single minute of it, so I took my laptop to the bathroom with me.

I quickly checked that I had the camera and microphone turned off, but had heart palpitations once the haze of pain and misery had passed. Even though the camera and microphone icons appeared to be switched off, I was terrified that everyone HAD SEEN ME ON THE LOO.

Images of the lawyer who turned himself into a cat during a virtual court case and the mayor who didn’t realise everyone could see him being massaged by a scantily clad woman during a virtual school board meeting flashed through my head.

The panic that ensued was almost as excruciating as the “medical episode”.

My boss assured me afterwards that my medical episode had remained private, though she was equally horrified by the thought I may have mortified us all …

Have a great election weekend. It’s going to be an interesting one.

Song of the day: Steve Winwood “Higher love”

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