How about you?

Did you know more than one million people in NSW have tested positive to COVID? Nationally it’s more than 2.6 million.

That’s a lot of dry coughs.

There’s so little information out there about the effects of the disease, so I’m wondering – how is your recovery going?

It’s been more than a month since I caught COVID and I’m still wiped out.

I had four walks planned for Sunday, which admittedly was a bit ambitious whatever the state of my health. After the first one, I had to change the next three to sit-down chats because I didn’t have the energy for more exercise.

That’s not like me.

You might also remember that I bought some weights, with the aim of doing Pump classes at home. The heavy box is still sitting unopened in the hallway.

By the time I walk the dogs in the morning, there’s no time for an exercise class before work. I usually only grab around 30 minutes for lunch, which was spent yesterday driving the youngest to work. I felt woozy with weariness as I turned into the driveway and went to a Microsoft Teams meeting.

After work, I’m too knackered to do anything other than make dinner – which yesterday only consisted of some steamed ALDI dumplings – and lie in front of the tellie. I’ve just started watching The Great … I’m hooked …

If you’ve had COVID, how long did it take for you to feel back to normal? I’m really hoping my energy levels get back up to speed soon.

I’m a little nervous about how I’m going to cope with a very late night tonight … I was offered the chance to do something fun tonight and couldn’t say no. Stay tuned for the exciting details.

Actually, it’s going to be so late when I get home tonight that I’m going to be sensible and not blog in the morning. I’ll tell you all about my adventure on Thursday.

Song of the day: The Pretenders “I go to sleep”

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