Hello possums

There’s a surprising amount of wildlife wandering around my new inner-suburban location, and I’m not talking about the rats at night or the parade of oodles by day.

There was a bush turkey strutting around the beer garden of my local pub on my last visit and a few bin chicken have been sauntering down the street.


Last night, as I took the dogs out for their final evening wee, I discovered a family of possums sitting on the fence near the back door of the apartment block.

They didn’t even flinch as I inched closer and closer to get a photo.

Nawwwww, so cute!

The dogs must be going blind in their old age because they didn’t even bother to bark at the wild creatures.

When I showed the eldest the pic he said the possum family often frolic in the tree outside his window at night.

I’ve become a bit obsessed with wildlife in my middle age. I watched a video by Andrew Daddo about an expedition cruise to Antarctica over the weekend and I started getting teary when I saw the thousands of penguins.

Fortunately I couldn’t smell the penguins. My ex went to Antarctica as a travel writer before we broke up and reckons the whole place smelled – and looked – like rotting taramasalata.

I didn’t have any desire to visit Antarctica until I saw Andrew’s doco, but he’s almost changed my mind. Watching all those cute little seals flapping around his feet was mesmerising. They were so fearless around humans!

Take a look below:

DD is keen to head to Africa on safari, but I’m not so sure about that. His friend is there at the moment and got kicked by a silverback gorilla. The bruising was nasty.

I don’t think I want to be close enough to a gorilla to be kicked or worse …

I’ve also been frightened by the stories of how dangerous humans can be over there.

Is Africa on your bucket list?

Closer to home, the festival of my mum’s significant birthday continues this weekend.

Hope you have some fun planned for yours too!

PS I forgot to give you the link to my Ruby&Peggy Insta account: https://www.instagram.com/rubyandpeggy/ – I am having fun putting up pics, even if I’m a dud at writing captions. Things will get a bit more exciting once my grandmother is born.

Song of the day: Talking Heads “Wild, wild life”

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