I can’t wait any longer

I am not a patient person – keeping quiet about the new website I’ve created with DD has been sooooo hard.

Due to our busy lives, it’s been many more months in the making than I expected.

I’m thrilled with what I’ve built, not being the most technically inclined person. It feels a bit like my digital child.

I’ve been desperate to show it to the world, but DD wanted me to “soft launch” while we made sure we had all our ducks in a row. So it went live a few weeks ago, but we didn’t spread the news.

We still don’t have our ducks in a row, but I can’t wait any longer.

I’ve decided it’s time to progress to whatever the launch is after a “soft launch” …

It’s not the official launch, I’m not sure what form – if any – that will take.

But it’s the HouseGoesHome-shows-her-followers-what-the-new-website-looks-like-launch.

The site is called The Thirsty Travellers. Click here to take a look. I hope you like it! Let me know if you notice any mistakes or stuff that’s not working properly.

Admittedly there’s not much new on the site for my regular readers, it’s mainly our repackaged previous adventures, although DD’s friend Nick has stepped in as our American correspondent with a post on Durham Distillery. But we’re hoping The Thirsty Travellers takes on a life of its own as it evolves.

I haven’t managed to get around to doing much social media stuff for it yet, what with having two kids starting new high schools this week, but you can find us on Facebook here and on Instagram here. I’d love you to follow them to make the sites look less like I’m a Naomi No Friends.

It’s the place to go to catch up on our latest drinks and diversions. We have some fun stuff coming up …

Hubba hubba!

On Sunday evening we headed to Beach House Avalon with DD’s cousin Denise for wine and nibbles, which gave me a chance to update a post I’ve written about the venue. Click here to read more.

OK, gotta go. If you have school-aged kids, good luck with re-entering the fray this week.

Catch you tomorrow, which is when my eldest heads off to orientation at his new high school.

Deep breaths!


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