My Mr Darcy

The youngest's social life has eased off since her besties went away on holidays, so she's been lying around at home all day while I'm at work. This means she is unusually keen for my company when I arrive home from work. In past years this would have meant playing dominos and Jenga together, but... Continue Reading →

Damned if you do

Have you thought to yourself during the bushfire crisis: "Those heartless bastards at [insert name] haven't donated a cent to bushfire relief"? I haven't. I’ve been thrilled by all the people and organisations that have donated, but I’m not keeping tally of those who haven’t. Amazon announced yesterday that it is donating $1million to bushfire... Continue Reading →

Paying it back

I blogged about complimenting a stranger earlier this week and yesterday a stranger complimented me! I've decided it was the universe paying back the nice. I wrote a story for Drinks Trade about what the drinks industry is doing to raise money and provide support to bushfire relief. A woman from one of the companies I... Continue Reading →

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