This is a bit exciting

Remember me saying I wanted to go back to New York one day?

Well, I’ve been hitting the discount travel websites and it seems I can fly the youngest to the World Skipping Championships via Hawaii AND New York at a not totally insane price.

Just a slightly insane price.

With Hawaiian Airlines.

Maybe. Possibly.

I still haven’t totally nailed it down, but I think the route will go something like this: fly from Sydney to New York with Hawaiian; fly from New York to Montreal with whatever budget airline I can find; catch train from Montreal to Ottawa; attend World Skipping Championships; catch train from Ottawa to Montreal; fly with whatever budget airline I can find to New York; fly New York to Honolulu with Hawaiian; hang out for a few days; fly home with Hawaiian.

The youngest only went to New York last year, but she loved it and is keen to return. I haven’t been back since I went to a friend’s wedding in 2013 and looking at the photos of when I lived there has made me feel nostalgic for my fleeting home.

I initially wrote that I hadn’t been back there since 2007 … because I’d completely blanked out a 2013 trip. It was a very, very desultory visit because – although I didn’t realise it at the time – the trip coincided with my ex thinking about leaving me. He even had secret counselling before he got on the plane.

The counselling didn’t help much because he was very moody all trip and I remember spending most of the time walking on eggshells – I could sense that something was wrong and that it was to do with me. But it felt too big to bring up, so I was just nervous and sad most of the time.

As a result, I can’t say being in New York filled me with much joy. It was more like an expensive endurance test where I tried to be on my best behaviour and pretended to be excited about going to obscure art galleries in the hope it would cheer my ex up.

It didn’t. He was in the foulest mood on the flight home.

The youngest is keen to go shopping in New York and try all the American fast food that her father wouldn’t stomach last year. She keeps muttering about him dragging her to a fancy place Pastis in the Meatpacking District at vast expense. Pastis was our favourite special occasion restaurant when we lived in New York. I wonder if my ex’s current squeeze knows that …

Anyways … Last time I was in New York with the youngest she looked like this:

A little Kewpie doll brought to life!

This time around she’s pushing 5ft 9in with an extra foot of attitude.

But I think we’ll get along way better than I did with her dad in the Big Apple.

I’ll let you know next week what I’ve decided to do and if I’ve managed to score a good deal on the flights. And if I’ve changed my mind and decided it’s easier to just go via Vancouver.

Anyway, it’s given me something to take my mind off the blues that floored me this week. Life threw me yet another curve ball.

So there have been lots of tears.

I wailed to DD at one point that I wanted a life more ordinary. I also had a go at him for not reading my mind.

Middle aged dating is a bitch.

Poor DD, he much prefers sparkly me. He swung by my work to give me a cuddle and bought us decaffeinated piccolos because he’d already had two strong flat whites.

He didn’t tell me there wasn’t any caffeine until I’d gulped most of it down.

Decaffeinated coffee makes absolutely NO SENSE TO ME.

It’s a bit like de-alcoholised wine. Sorry, coffee and wine don’t taste quite good enough to drink them without the hit.

I also don’t understand the proliferation of fake chicken and other fake meat products at the supermarket.

Surely if you’ve decided to eschew meat it’s preferable to eat things that don’t look like meat?

There are loads of delicious veggie dishes out there that don’t require The Vegan Factor Chickenee Strips.


What a weird world we live in.

Have a great weekend – I hope it rains buckets in your neck of the woods if it needs a drenching.

PS The youngest and I watched Almost Famous last night. I’d forgotten what a fabulous movie it is. It made my wonky heart soar.

Song of the day: The Beastie Boys “No sleep til Brooklyn”

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