Researching promises

A friend was planning to throw a party this weekend, but she’s cancelled because it seemed wrong to celebrate when so many bushfire victims are suffering.

I’ve been feeling similarly conflicted about posting on social media. It feels weird to share smiley snaps at such an unhappy time for Australia.

Not that I’ve been doing much that’s been Insta-worthy anyway. My life has been very quiet recently. I virtually spent the whole of my two weeks off over Christmas lying either on my grotty sofa or DD’s leather lounge.

In the past, January has often been a month for sneaking off with DD on getaways. We went to Tassie (above) for a few days in 2018; and I was his plus one on a business trip to the US – including Lake Tahoe – in 2016 (below).

Those were both awesome holidays. I’ve been gazing longingly at the photos. I’ve also been envying being skinny enough to go hot tubbing in the snow in a bikini!

Ah those were the fortysomething days …

But my focus this year is on getting the youngest to the World Skipping Championships in Canada in July.

It’s going to be mega expensive to fly there. A return flight starts at around $2000 … and I accidentally promised to take the youngest to Hawaii on the way home (speaking of Insta-worthy … which I suspect is the main reason she wants to go, other than shopping).

I really need to research my promises before I make them. It’s way more difficult than I thought to get from Ottawa to Honolulu. Pricey and around 18 hours door to door with connecting flights.

It doesn’t help that the World Skipping Championships are being held over the 4th of July weekend, one of America’s most popular holidays.

That became starkly apparent when I started looking at how much a hotel with an ocean view would cost … around $500+ Aussie dollars a night. So there ain’t gonna be an ocean view for us!

But I figure we can have fun sipping drinks and snacking on fries at venues with views instead.

I’ve been to Hawaii a few times over the years. My first visit was with my mum when I was 21. I also headed there for my 40th instead of having a party. Plus there were a few other trips back in the carefree double income days. I adored the place.

My first stop in Waikiki after the plane landed was usually Duke’s for fish tacos, then a sunset drink at the Halekulani.

Looking at those pics has sparked a little buzz of excitement in me. I wasn’t keen to return again, but I’m starting to look forward to showing the youngest around.

Confession: I may have mentioned previously that I write my blog posts the night before, then massage them into shape in the morning. Well, the moment I typed yesterday that I was living a very quiet life everything went nuts and my weekend is now over-scheduled like nobody’s business.

I’ll fill you in on how it all goes on Monday.

Prepare for some guilty smiling.

Song of the day: Elvis “Blue Hawaii”

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