These here are crazy times

It goes without saying that the bushfire crisis in Australia is beyond crazy.

The smell of smoke hung heavily in the air at my place yesterday morning. I hear the smell of Australian bushfire smoke is even hanging heavily in the air in Argentina.

Fortunately, the most wonderful burst of rain arrived at lunch time. And it showered/sprinkled on and off throughout the afternoon. Not nearly enough, but it was so good to get something after so many arid months.

In the far less importantly crazy times, my weekend was nuts and I’ve totally knackered myself (again).

I warned there might be guilty smiles today from lots of weekend selfies, but I’m still feeling too shy to click the camera button during, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

The crazy whirl kicked off when I finished work on Friday, jumped in the car with the kids and drove to the beach. My children are very different people and tend to not have much to do with each other, but they bonded over body surfing, which was lovely to watch.

Afterwards we ate burgers on DD’s deck, then headed home to watch an episode of Battlestar Galactica on the couch.

On Saturday morning, I walked with my friend Emily at 7.45am, had brunch with my Very Reverend friend Katherine and her husband at Ripples Milson’s Point at 10am (Katherine and I both had the yummy corn cakes with smoked salmon and poached eggs), drove them to Central Station to catch a train back to Newcastle, headed home to drive the eldest to North Sydney Station, grabbed some essentials from Woolies, gave the house a little tidy up and washed the sheets as I was hosting DD for a rare night, got picked up by DD for a drink at my friend Sue’s place at Maroubra, drove back for dinner at my friend Fee’s house in Willoughby (she served the most delicious marinated fish and salads) and finally crashed into bed at 10.30pm, where I couldn’t sleep because DD took my side of the bed (and I’d possibly had one glass too many of bubbles).

DD’s Garmin watch – a Christmas present from his mum – announced at 6am on Sunday morning that he’d had his worst sleep since he got the watch, with zero REM.


It doesn’t bode well for us ever co-habitating.

I headed to the gym with my friend Alice at 7.45am for our weekly Pump class, dropped into Pet Barn for some rat food, had a quick shower and took the youngest to the sales to get some new gym shorts and leggings because her current ones are threadbare, checked Facebook and got a little excited about the official Team Australia annoucement being made for the World Skipping Championships (it’s a buzz to see the youngest’s name on the list), made some noodles for lunch, dropped the youngest to the gym for a workout and headed to the Northern Beaches for a roast dinner with DD, before swinging back home again to change the sheets on the youngest’s bed so I could host DD’s sister for a sleepover as she’s attending a training course today around the corner from my place.

Not much down time in that.

Hello Monday!

Was your weekend crazy?

Song of the day: Boom Crash Opera “Onion skin”


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