Damned if you do

Have you thought to yourself during the bushfire crisis: “Those heartless bastards at [insert name] haven’t donated a cent to bushfire relief”?

I haven’t.

I’ve been thrilled by all the people and organisations that have donated, but I’m not keeping tally of those who haven’t.

Amazon announced yesterday that it is donating $1million to bushfire relief.

Jeff Bezos, the owner of Amazon and one of the world’s richest men, wrote on Instagram: “Our hearts go out to all Australians as they cope with these devastating bushfires.”

He was completely caned for the gesture.

One tweeter said: “Jeff Bezos is worth ~$116 billion. This is approximately 0.00059% of his fortune. If you had $50,000, this would be the equivalent of donating less than $30.”

Another wrote: “the richest man on earth is donating roughly the same amount as three women raised in 12 hours selling nudes on twitter”

Others have also questioned why his company doesn’t just pay the correct taxes in Australia, which would inevitably aid the country. Knowing our government, they’d probably just spend it on a referendum for the Religious Discrimination Act … but, yes, he should be paying his taxes.

And, yes, Jeff could afford to donate more, but he could also have decided to do nothing.

If I had money and people started quibbling over how much I was donating, I’d be tempted to not bother offering anything in the future.

It ain’t like people are going to stop buying stuff on Amazon because it didn’t pony up a bushfire donation.

We live in extreme times where the internet damns you no matter what you do. I’m surprised anyone pops their head up to say anything these days.

My suburb’s Facebook group is a prime culprit. Posting or commenting on it runs a high risk of attracting a digital lynch mob.

For example: a woman was absolutely slammed for warning that people should be careful when driving in a local carpark because a builder had dropped lots of bolts and screws there. The mob screamed: HOW DARE YOU JUST POST ABOUT IT AND NOT PICK THEM UP! Who cares that it wasn’t the best timing because she had a toddler in the car? Warning people just wasn’t good enough.

We have become a nation of sinners who love casting stones.

Geez it bugs cranky, menopausal me.

Anyways … rant of the day over and on to happier stuff.

Last night I talked my friend Mel into watching Can’t Stop the Music with me, as the kids looked the opposite of keen when I tried to get them onto the couch for a viewing.

Can’t Stop the Music was my favourite movie when I was 12 – I saw it at least 13 times at the cinema and I was delirious with excitement to see it again after watching the closing scene on YouTube recently.

The happiness welled up inside me as I was transported me back to less troubled times, when the only drama in my life was someone stealing my Village People scrapbook on the Sunday School bus.

Not very Christian of them … My friend Megz will no doubt remember who the culprit was – I‘M pretty sure Megz has a photographic memory.

I have a Swiss cheese one.

Mel had never seen Can’t Stop the Music. She loved the dance numbers and costumes and she thought the ridiculous plot was hilarious.

I adored it all over again, though I’ve definitely gotten over my teen crush on the cowboy.

Song of the day: The Village People “Milkshake”

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  1. remember the short b4 the movie too… that always had us in hysterics…
    & i do remember the incident but not who did it, coz i was only on the bus for 200m up the hill from the church… to b truthful, i found most of those kids were bloody nasty & exclusive & typical of those that thought attending that church made them better than others & allowed them to treat others like crap as they would be forgiven for their nastiness…
    i do remember the super cute sunday school teacher me mcalpine, who kinda looked like randy the cowboy from the village people…

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