Wiped out

It was so freaking hot in my neck of the woods yesterday.

I went to work early and hid in the air-conditioned office for most of the day, before ducking home to grab the youngest and head to the beach.

Sadly, the waves were pretty crap – very big and dumpy with strong currents.

But we still managed a splash to cool off.

Afterwards, we grabbed chicken wraps and chips to eat on DD’s deck with his cousin, who is visiting from Hong Kong. You might remember me taking Denise to visit Bondi Beach and Dr Chris’ veterinary surgery around this time last year.

The youngest was entranced by the dinner table tales of Cousin Denise’s six dogs, two of whom are twins and recently celebrated their joint sixth birthday with a special made-for-doggies cake.

Denise was embarrassed to admit she had forgotten it was the twins’ birthday, so she couldn’t understand why her housekeeper  had dressed them all in their Sunday best rather than their Chinese New Year outfits.

Fortunately her housekeeper loves the dogs just as much as Denise and had organised the cake and decorations for a little celebration.

Here’s a pic of the cuties in their Halloween costumes …

Then it was back to my sweltering house. Geez that rat cage smells (even more) when it’s 37C.

Unfortunately, the heat didn’t stop the eldest from deciding to bake a devil’s food cake.

Children. Baking.

Two words to strike dread in the heart of any mother who has just cleaned her kitchen.

I wouldn’t normally have been too bothered, but my brother in law is coming over this morning to give me some advice on finally sorting out the back of my house, which has featured French doors onto a two-metre drop for the past few years, after I ran out of money to finish the job.

My brother in law used to be a builder, but he now owns the Choices Flooring store at St Leonards. Do yourself a favour and check it out if you’re in need of some new flooring – tell him I sent you.

Anyways, I don’t want him to think I’m a complete sloth.

He’s about to be introduced to the 500 millionth reiteration of my renovation plans. This one includes turning the back room into a bedroom for me.

The back room was once the back verandah – both it and the formerly outside toilet have been enclosed into the house and I reckon I can make them into a bit of a haven. Preferably with air-conditioning …

Stay tuned for the before and afters. I think they’ll be pretty impressive.

Have an awesome long weekend.

Song of the day: The Surfaris “Wipe out”



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