Going out with a bang

It was with a degree of disbelief that I awaited the official confirmation that Australia was in coronavirus lock down last night … while simultaneously feeling a certain degree of disbelief that it took so long.

But it’s bloody tough thing to call.

Still, I can’t help thinking our pickle wouldn’t be quite so big and sour if we’d banned all international travellers weeks ago.

Anyways, no use crying over spilled tourists … we will discover the rules of our new world soon and learn to adapt.

I will probably be ripped a new one for admitting this, but I went out every night in the four days prior to lock down … while cautiously following official guidelines at all times.

First there was teppanyaki for the youngest’s birthday on Thursday night, which met the social distancing guidelines because there were only a couple of other diners at a separate hot plate while we were there.

On Friday night, DD and I headed to Annata to enjoy a Christmas gift voucher from my sister and her hubby. The restaurant had carefully removed tables to meet the social distancing guidelines.

You can read all about it over at The Thirsty Travellers.

On Saturday night, DD and I headed to Barrenjoey House for dinner, which was kept half empty and had all it’s huge windows open. On this occasion we used a Christmas gift dinner voucher from DD’s brother. We have a lovely time watching twilight fall while eating oysters and other delicious morsels.

You can read all about it over at The Thirsty Travellers.

And then on Sunday night my ex and the kids and I headed to a joint called Pizza Tutti to use a restaurant voucher the eldest won in an art competition. The occasion was the youngest’s 14th birthday plus my ex’s upcoming 53rd birthday. We were the only diners and sat at an outside table, which felt appropriately socially distant. The pizzas were yum, but the youngest got very annoyed about her parents discussing the coronavirus too much.

Are you seeing a pattern here?

Yep, I was panic using all my restaurant vouchers before lock down. And it turned out to be a good call as there will be no more dining out for a long time.

After dinner last night we headed back to my place to give my ex his gifts early, since who knows what the next few days before his birthday on Thursday will hold. At the lightning pace things are travelling we’ll be under martial law by then.

My friend Jodie is living in Jordan, where authorities arrested 392 violators of the government-imposed curfew on Saturday alone.

Sirens blared across the Kingdom at 7am on Saturday morning to announce the commencement of the nationwide curfew, which will be in place until further notice. Anyone caught violating the curfew is subject to imprisonment for up to a year. Whoa!

The Jordanian government will announce on Monday the “specific timings at which shops will be open to allow citizens to meet their basic needs”.

Anyways, back to Sydney … among the gifts to my ex were two framed self portraits the kids painted in Year 2. I love the vivid colours and brushstrokes in them. I’ve told my ex I want them back in his will.

I also handed over every photo of him I found in the garage clean up.

Then the kids headed over to his place for the next few days.

The kids are both going to school today to get the lay of the land. I’m feeling quite conflicted about the schools still being open. What do you think?

Hope you are going OK in your neck of the woods.

Sending hugs to you all.

Song of the day: Queen “I want to break free”






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