The unanswered co-parenting question

I felt a bit punch drunk when I heard New Zealand was going into total lock down for a month.

I’m also feeling belatedly freaked out that I was blithely sitting in restaurants a few days ago, while the coronavirus rampaged its way through Australia.

I remained socially distant and obeyed the rules – as they were at the time – while I was out, but it still feels like I was being irresponsible.

I’m sorry if I made your brow furrow with concern.

I’m also terribly sorry for all the hospitality workers who’ve been stood down. It must be terrifying.

What on earth is the government thinking, making them lining up like that outside Centrelink? Aren’t we trying to keep people away from each other, not jostled frantically together?

The kids insisted on going to school yesterday to get the lowdown on online learning. It really sucks that the eldest has finally found a school he loves and can’t go now.

I worried about them all day. I wanted them home, one under each of my (tuck shop) wings.

Actually, I worried about a lot of things yesterday.

Something that’s not been discussed in all the COVID-19 headlines is how separated, divorced and blended families should handle the situation.

Will there come a time when decisions must be made about where children should stay or will they be allowed to ferry between households under existing co-parenting arrangements?

How is it being handled in Italy? How will it be addressed in New Zealand?

What will happen when Australia inevitably follows New Zealand’s lead? Why is Australia behind New Zealand on this?

The youngest came to my place after school yesterday, then her dad collected her for the night. He’s dropping both the kids to me this morning.

Will we be able to keep doing that?

So many unanswered questions.

But the main thing is to keep my babies safe and well.

(That’s the eldest an hour into the world in the main pic.)

Song of the day: The Clash “Should I stay or should I go?”



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