Finding 50 things to worry about

I had a lot of trouble sleeping last night. There were so many things to worry about.

Should I cancel getting my new garage doors?

Will I get my money back from Hawaiian Airlines?

I must warn the youngest (again) not to throw grapes into the air and catch them in her mouth because she might choke.

Is the country heading for a recession?

Should I get a double-glazed window in the front bedroom or just a normal one?

The kids are still a bit sick, should I keep them home for the rest of the week? Will the school make me get a medical certificate for them? How will I get a doctor’s appointment?

Is it safe for them to be catching buses?

Should the schools stay open or close?

Should I have the chicken skewers tomorrow night and freeze the Mexican mince for next week?

Will I run out of toilet paper?

Will I be able to use my restaurant vouchers before lockdown? Is it safe to use my restaurant vouchers before lockdown?

Will there be a lockdown?

How long will the lockdown go for? Do I have enough pantry staples?

I was soooooooo tired yesterday from worrying too much and not sleeping enough. Today will be the same.

Pandemics really aren’t good for people who suffer from anxiety.

Actually, they’re not good for anyone, but over-thinkers are really screwed.

Catching the coronavirus is quite low down on the list of things I’m worried about, though it sounds like if you get it bad you get it REALLY bad.

I’m not alone, new research has revealed Australians are more concerned about the economic consequences of the global coronavirus outbreak than their own personal health.

More than 77% of respondents in a new national survey by Newgate Research were either “extremely” or “quite” concerned about the overall economic impact.

The online tracking study of more than 1000 Australians, taken between Wednesday and Saturday last week, found older Australians, women, those living in metropolitan NSW and Victoria and middle-income earners are among the groups most concerned.

I tick all those boxes.

Despite my economic fears, I requested a window quote via email yesterday and they called me back licketty split to arrange a time to measure up. Unlike the garage door people, who have $1100 of my money and are impossible to pin down to measure the bloody thing.


So maybe the door business is still booming but the window business has slackened off?

I really need some sea in my life to calm me. There’s a hot spell on the way, I must find a way to get a dip.

I wonder if you’re allowed to go to the beach during a lockdown?

Are you a worrier?

Song of the day: Tears for Fears “Shout”







4 thoughts on “Finding 50 things to worry about

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  1. the grape thing…amber had that exact thing happen… grape got lodged at back of her throat & she couldnt get it out… a friend ran for the teacher who didnt believe her, so didnt come quickly, amber was lying on the ground choking… bloody teacher got a phone call about her reaction, i can tell ya!!

    1. Yeah she came out and said, watch this and caught it in her mouth and I was HORRIFIED. I told her it was dangerous but she laughed it off. So I lay awake thinking I should have emphasised it more. YOU CAN DIE!!!!

  2. Hi I’m currently in lock down in the Bay Area with a four year old and a nine month old! Husband is working from home I’m desperately trying to keep the kids occupied (spent an insane amount on amazon) so they don’t disturb husband. I glad to see them in bed by the end of the day. My nine month old is learning to walk and talk so that’s something nice in all the bleakness . As an anxiety suffer surprisingly I’m not too bad. I did stock up on stuff, my husband thought I was just being anxious and I’m glad I did but it’s kind of rewarded my anxiety by saying see I was right about the worst case scenario!
    I did get upset yesterday of reports from the governor here saying schools aren’t likely to open till August because my daughter misses her little friends. I had my birthday on 2 March which was slightly surreal too.
    Finally, both of my kids are born in May I hope we are out of lockdown by then if not I’m also sad for my kids as their grandparents normally visit from Australia then and that Is just not going to happen.

    1. Good luck with it all Megan, that sounds challenging. Qantas just suspended all international flights so I reckon you are right about the grandparents. I’m too scared to visit mine because my dad is so frail

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