The perfect family holiday?

Hmmmm, that’s a tough one. We’ve done some amazing trips with the Sprogs in tow. But the “for” list has always been balanced out by an “against” list. And I’ve been wondering, after dragging two moaning, complaining Sprogs to the gorgeous Kailua Beach for a swim, then to a lovely Japanese temple in the hinterland, whether the perfect family holiday actually exists. My idea of a perfect holiday is doing absolutely nothing – except reading a book or fiddling with my iPad – for a few hours, then getting hot and bothered on a frenetic shopping trip (today’s bargain: a pair of Lucky Brand jeans for Husband at half-price), having a quick ocean dip to cool off, then eating a yummy dinner. And repeat. For a week. There must be a separate bedroom for the Sprogs. And a fridge. Our Waikiki getaway is ticking a lot of those boxes. Except for the soundtrack of Sprog whingeing. The soundtrack of Sprog whingeing can be quietened by Playstation or cartoons, but I worry – as I always do – whether it’s lazy parenting to sit back with a glass of wine and a plate of cheese and crackers and leave ’em in front of the box? Shouldn’t we be enriching their brains, not turning them to mush? But I suspect the Sprogs’ idea of the perfect family holiday is blowing things up on Playstation for a few hours, having some French fries and a swim, watching cartoons, blowing more stuff up on Playstation, eating more French fries, then sleeping. And repeat. For a week. With no teeth cleaning or hair brushing or sightseeing. (But an occasional late-night comedic ventriloquist or juggling act wouldn’t go astray.) Where’s the enrichment in that? Husband is threatening to drag/fly us to Vietnam next time we have the cash (fortunately that looks like being never). His idea of the perfect family holiday is challenging yourself a bit. Sounds like a fabulous opportunity for some father-daughter bonding without Mum to me.
SO, TELL ME, WHAT’S YOUR PERFECT FAMILY HOLIDAY? (No camping answers allowed, it’s never going to happen.)
PS Fascinating revelation: we stepped out on our balcony last night to discover the luau we considered dropping $650 on as an extended family is located directly below our apartment. It’s a converted car park with a tropical mural and hula dancers. Dodged a bullet on that one. Plus, we can watch it for free every night if we so desire.

6 thoughts on “The perfect family holiday?

  1. I don’t think we have ever had the absolute perfect family holiday, but we have had some lovely one where we rent a house on the beach for a week, preferably with a pool and foxtel. Then we just do nothing much for the week except for a morning and afternoon swim at the beach and then for the rest of the time the kids watch sponge bob square pants and splash around in the pool, and we sit on the balcony and watch the ocean with a glass of wine in one hand and a book in the other. Bliss. Come to think of it though we did have a wonderful week at Port Douglas that was full of fish and crocodiles and mossies. The Hotel we stayed in had a giant pool with a bar you could swim to.

  2. Perfect? That’s a hard one. No housework at all would be requirement no. 1. No whingeing kids no. 2. Total relaxation with no exertion required. Anyone know that place??

  3. We’ve done the camping, 4-wheel driving, caravan park/chalet, theme parks etc. All fun but exhausting & filthy washing upon arrival at home!!!
    Our thing now is to totally drop-out & rejuvinate the batteries at Andari Villas Bali – owned by New Zealander,Ainslie. Worth a google!!
    3 double rooms to accomodate family & extras, private dipping pool, cabana, maid and cook to do all cleaning, washing & ironing. Its a hideaway in the heart of Legian, so the teenagers cant get bored. Early morning beach walks, massages everyday, lolabout reading time, balmy evenings and cocktails…total pamper!! Bali bliss

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