He yelled at me

Movie night happens in shifts at my place these days.

I fancied some family tellie time on Saturday night, but my teens have very, very different taste in entertainment. The youngest, for example, hates sci-fi, while the eldest and I love it.

Trying to get them to agree on a DVD is impossible, hence the movie shift idea.

The eldest and I were sorted because we’re only halfway through the first series of Battlestar Galactica.

But I needed a romantic comedy for the youngest. I figured I’d rent one from the Video Ezy machine at Woolies after doing my weekly grocery shop. But, sob, it was gone!

I presume its removal was driven by lack of use. I’m probably the last person in the suburb who rents DVDs. Everyone else has graduated to Netflix.

Yes, I know, Netflix is really awesome and I should try it, but I’m not quite there yet.


Although, as I stared forlornly at the blank Woolies wall; I did feel a bit like one of those losers who bought a Beta machine in the ’80s.

So I had to trek to JB HiFi to buy a DVD instead. Fortunately, DD suggested we have lunch after he dropped his mum to the airport, so I asked if we could make a quick detour post-noodles.

He left me alone for five seconds and returned to catch me with 11 DVDs piled in my arms. I looked a bit like this …

There was a sale on! I got the lot for $55!

There’s something to be said for clinging to a dying medium … Although, I was a bit embarrassed to hand them all over to the young fella at the cash register …

Anyways, the youngest chose ‘Looking for Alibrandi’ from the pile. Somehow I’d never seen it before and we both loved it.

It was such a good movie! Pia Miranda was great in the lead role and it was fascinating.to see all the Sydney scenery and teenage flashbacks.

Anthony La Paglia also stars in it, which meant I got the chance to loftily tell the youngest – “that man yelled at me for an hour once because one of my staff called him Anthony La Pudgier in a caption in my magazine”.

She was completely unimpressed by my revelation … like every mum gets yelled at by movie stars, no biggie.

Anyways, if it’s on Netflix I thoroughly recommend doing whatever it is you do when you want to watch a movie.

Afterwards, the eldest and I watched an episode of Battlestar Galactica featuring torture, which is one of my least favourite plot lines, but it was still bloody good television.

And we all still managed to be tucked up in bed by 9.30pm on a Saturday night. Party animals.

Unfortunately, that meant I woke up at 5.15am on Sunday morning, which is always a bit of a bummer on the day of rest.

The rest of my morning was a bit eeeek – first I ran into one of the Drinks Association’s board members in Pump class … the last place you want to run into the sweaty MD of a fancy company … then I agreed to drop the eldest at Central, except I’d forgotten about the effing Sydney Running Festival. It was a NIGHTMARE getting to Central and the trip home was even worse. I ended up in Randwick at one point due to road closure hell. Stupid running festival.

I was desperate for a soothing swim, as yesterday’s weather was sooooo nice, but I decided I couldn’t selfishly abandon the youngest yet again.

However, when I finally got home from my epic journey to Central, she’d gone out for brunch. I had no idea when she was returning, so I cleaned the house while the sun shone. She finally texted at 2pm to say she’d be home at 3pm.


But the day ended nicely, with a Sunday roast at the 4 Pines – duck legs … mmmmm – while DD and I tossed blog ideas around … we’ve registered two names … will advise …

Hope you had a good one!

Song of the day: Bananarama “Robert de Niro’s waiting”


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