Bloody tears

I thought I was weeping blood in the shower yesterday. I glanced down and saw brownish red droplets splashing onto my chest.

That shook me out of my funk and into a moment of sheer panic … until I realised it was just the auburn hairspray I use to cover my grey roots.

I dried myself off and got on with my day.

Nothing had gone particularly wrong to provoke my tears, just the usual menopausal single mum on a tight budget stuff.

I’ve also slipped back into the bad habit of waking up in a panic at 2am every morning. I have to coax myself back to sleep, which can take a while some nights. So I’m a bit knocked around.

And having two teenagers to feed and wrangle can be quite the rollercoaster of emotion and grind.

So I was feeling a little sorry for myself.

There was no time for self pity when I got to the office. Freaking hell it was an insane day. Thursdays are always a bit nuts because that’s when I put my weekly newsletter together, but I’m simultaneously working on a 32-page section for the Australian Drinks Awards in Drinks Trade magazine and I’m a bit rusty at magazine editing, so I wasn’t quite nailing it.

I had to fling together a few pages of extra copy and photographs and try and remember how to direct someone to fix layouts I didn’t quite like.

It was second nature when I was at Woman’s Day, I told designers every five seconds how to tweak things.

However, when I looked at the Drinks Trade layouts, I just threw my hands up in despair at first until it all started coming back to me.

I reckon it’s going to turn out just fine.

As am I. Though a good night’s sleep would help.

Do you ever cry in the shower? I find it’s an excellent spot for it. As long as you don’t carry on too much, no one hears and gets alarmed or interrupts you.

And the water soothingly washes everything away.

May your weekend be filled with great sleeps, hot showers and no tears – catch you Monday.

Song of the day: Smokey Robinson & The Miracles “Tears of a clown”

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