Bloody tears

I thought I was weeping blood in the shower yesterday. I glanced down and saw brownish red droplets splashing onto my chest. That shook me out of my funk and into a moment of sheer panic … until I realised it was just the auburn hairspray I use to cover my grey roots. I dried […]

Words you don’t expect

I was primed for a nice, quiet night at home yesterday when the youngest reminded me about an end-of-season netball dinner. Oh. Yay. Then my ex texted to ask if we were still going to the opening of a HSC art exhibition at the eldest’s new high school. Fark! I’d totally forgotten about that too. […]

Fixing the memory

Many moons ago I booked two seats at wine degustation dinner to celebrate my ex’s birthday. It featured Peterson’s, which was one of our favourite wineries, and it was held at a venue called Fix St James. I thought it was a pretty awesome gift idea until my ex decided to go off the grog […]

Twenty years younger

I felt 20 years younger last night. No, that’s not quite right. I felt like I was reliving one of my early thirties nights …. while battling a 51-year-old single, working mum’s weariness. Not a wild one, just a garden variety weeknight. Back in my early thirties – pre-kids with a high disposable income – […]

We can’t seem to crack it

My addictive personality has led me down some odd paths over the years. As I child. I voraciously collected postage stamps and matchboxes and inhaled books at lightning speed. The teachers found it hard to believe I could get through so many books each MS Read-a-thon, but I was a machine. As teenager, most waking […]

Curse of the thinking cap

The ideas never stop spinning around in my head. It’s like a cyclone in there. My husband was initially enchanted by my endless plotting and scheming, but it eventually drove him crazy. I started out wanting us to run our own B&B – I even made him go to a seminar on it – but […]

It got a little wild

Remember the Sailor Jerry event I missed on Monday? My colleague tells me it got a little wild. He was hoarse the next day from yelling above the noise … and was sporting a fetching dagger tattoo on his inner ankle. He also didn’t spot a burger the whole night because the place was so […]

Not too peachy

The youngest is still crook in bed after skipping up a storm in Canberra. I texted her at lunchtime yesterday to ask if she wanted anything from Woolies and she replied: “Yes please, can I have some no-sugar Lindt chocolate and a hard peach?” So specific! I delivered both obscure items to her bedside last […]

No Sailor hijinks for me

I was meant to be partying at a Sailor Jerry rum launch in the city last night. But I cooked spag bol in the suburbs instead. The party was held at a bar called Ramblin’ Rascal to launch a new Sailor Jerry premix drink in a can. They often hold these shindigs on a Monday […]

Feeling jumpy

The NSW/ACT Jump Rope Championships were held at the AIS in Canberra over the weekend. As it was Father’s Day, I suggested my ex be the stage dad, while I supervised the eldest in Sydney. Also, while I come in handy as an assistant at the T-shirt shop during comps, my ex has been trained […]