It got a little wild

Remember the Sailor Jerry event I missed on Monday? My colleague tells me it got a little wild. He was hoarse the next day from yelling above the noise … and was sporting a fetching dagger tattoo on his inner ankle.

He also didn’t spot a burger the whole night because the place was so packed with Sailor Jerry in a can swigging Instagram influencers.

Doesn’t sound quite my speed. Though these pics from the event do look quite something …

The bloke dancing on the bar is called Gravy Thomas – he’s the Global Sailor Jerry Brand Ambassador. Seems like quite the character …

Australia is one of the world’s biggest markets for ready-to-drink canned spirits, so Sailor Jerry launches its first one here before it takes it global.

My colleague says its pretty delicious.

It’s a busy week in booze journalism – last night Pier One Sydney Harbour invited me to join them in celebrating the launch of a new spritz-based cocktail menu as part of their partnership with Archie Rose Distilling.

It was very posh – there were private igloos, a mixology station and canapes from one-hatted restaurant The Gantry.

Very noice! Although I hadn’t quite realised that a “mixology station” meant being taught to make your own drink – just hand me a cocktail, mate – so I ended up concocting a vodka Spritz with elderflower, soda water and lemon at one point.

But I preferred the signature drink of the evening – the Sunset Spritz with Archie Rose gin – it was lovely and refreshing and looked very pretty in photos.

I still had a child sick in bed last night, but at least this time there was a fridge well-stocked with leftover spag bol and butter chicken.

My friend Rebecca joined me for the event and we both turned up in animal print … the fashion curse of middle age …

We parked ourselves on the pier in the unseasonably balmy September breeze, watched the sun set and caught up on everything that’s been happening in our lives this year. So much has been happening that we’d failed to catch up until then. I was very sad to miss her 50th birthday party in Orange a few months ago.

We chitter chattered for a few hours about everything from the hell of navigating the teenage years to chin hairs while sipping spritzes and nibbling on fried zucchini flowers and other fancy snackles before cabbing home at the sedate hour of 8.30pm.

Bulk fun night for the 50+ crowd.

Here are some happy snaps:

There’s another ‘do tonight for a rum called Baron Samedi … free pizza and everything … but I’ve politely declined … middle age is catching up with me …

Song of the day: Pink “Get the party started”

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