Curse of the thinking cap

The ideas never stop spinning around in my head. It’s like a cyclone in there.

My husband was initially enchanted by my endless plotting and scheming, but it eventually drove him crazy.

I started out wanting us to run our own B&B – I even made him go to a seminar on it – but he wasn’t keen on cleaning toilets for a living.

Then I moved on to wanting to set up a Babies R Us for dolls, a pet shop filled with toy animals instead of real ones, Dinner in A Bag (I was quite before my time on that one – it was all the ingredients you needed to prepare a meal in one brown paper bag), an indoor beach with tiki bar, a vegetarian restaurant called No Bull, and and and …

My brain relentlessly churned out inspirations from around 6am each day. My ex was NOT a morning person, he’d often beg me to stop babbling and let him sleep.

The ideas still get in the way of me sleeping a bit. I have trouble switching them off.

I went quiet on the ideas when I met DD, I was too high on dopamine to think straight.

But they’ve started bubbling up again. It’s probably because I’m feeling trapped by my financial circumstances, so I’m dreaming about the magic escape route that will make everything better.

And this time they include DD.

You may remember me deciding a few years back that DD – who initially qualified as a pharmacist – should open Australia’s first pharmacy/cafe and call it Medicine Man.

I wanted the cafe to have Native American themed decor and look something like THIS …

Crossed with THIS …

But not really. It was a bit hard to find exactly what I was looking for on Google search.

DD wisely declined.

And last night I drove myself slightly mad trying to think of a clever name for the blog I’ve suggested DD launch. I think it would be very cool if we were both bloggers. He’s a good writer and his occasional guest posts for HouseGoesHome have been quite well received.

Though he’d probably go the lifestyle route rather than the lay-your-life-bare approach I’ve taken.

He’s considering it, though he eventually had to tell me to stop pestering him with domain names last night because he was trying to get a work proposal out.

I’ve also been pondering ways to cheaply reconfigure my house to include a studio or a one-bedroom flat or even a two-bedroom flat so I can make a bit more cash and rescue myself from adenoid induced penury.

I sit sketching for hours, trying  to come up with a floor plan that doesn’t involve me giving up my bedroom to sleep on a fold-out couch in the lounge room.

I don’t think I’ve quite nailed anything the local council will accept yet, but I’ll get there eventually. No idea how I’ll fund the bloody thing though.

Anyways. DD is promising to humour me with a brainstorming session over the weekend.

If it includes a glass of rosé I’m IN.

Have a great weekend and I’ll catch you on Monday.

Song of the day: The Pointer Sisters “I’m so excited”


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