Too many lemons

I don’t know about you, but 2019 has been a bit of a lemon for me.

It’s been relentlessly arduous and it’s only September.

In the latest hurdle, I took the eldest for a back X-ray yesterday.

It really sucked.

The only good thing was that it was free, which is highly unusual in the parade of medical appointments I attend.

Seeing the X-ray itself was quite confronting. The eldest’s spine looks like the letter “S”. It is most definitely scoliosis and not a mild case, but I need to book a visit to my GP for his $110 opinion before we move on to seeing, I presume, a back specialist.

I’ve been too scared to do too much scoliosis Googling. I’m just marinating in my fear.

I have no idea why the universe decided I needed a teenager with an “S” shaped spine, but it has and we will sort it out.

Good thing I went to the bank and got my financials – fingers crossed – organised.

Eff off scoliosis.

In other medical news, the youngest got cranky with me because I didn’t respond when she complained about her allergic conjunctivitis.

But I’m running out of platitudes.

I apologised for my silence and told her I didn’t know what to say – I have no idea what to do. We went to a GP. We went to an optometrist. We went to an opthamologist. None of their advice helped. We’ve tried three different sorts of drops. They didn’t work.

I’m stumped.

I hate seeing my kids suffer. I shed a few tears yesterday because I feel so powerless to help either of them.

The 5:2 wine diet has been broken this week. I will try to be good again next week.

I am also trying to focus on all the good stuff in my life and not fixate too much on the sucky stuff.

There is so much good stuff.

Plus my mum is taking me shopping tomorrow. She’s suggested we hit Witchery, but I’m quite loving all the basics at Decjuba, so maybe we can swing by there too.

Hopefully shopping my feelings will cheer me up, as I’m trying to avoid eating them – I’m still freaked out by the dementia plaque Dr Michael Mosley says belly fat puts on your brain.

Catch you on Monday.

PS speaking of good stuff … if you want to check out the cool official pics from the William Grant party I went to on Monday, click here. 

Song of the day: U2 “Lemon”

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