Help is on the way

I went to see my old bank manager yesterday. I have no idea why I didn’t do it earlier.

I think I got so bogged down in my busy single mum life that I couldn’t see the big picture.

My bank manager and I go waaaaaay back. Pauline been running her branch in the CBD for 20 years. And she’s been sorting out my mortgages for a good lot of those.

I don’t think people generally have bank managers these days, do they? Banking stuff is usually done anonymously over the phone or via ATMs. If you actually head into a branch, you just take a number and see whoever.

Pauline’s branch is closing down in two weeks because times have changed so much.

It had been four year since I last saw her, but she greeted me like an old friend.

She’s quite the character, something you don’t expect your bank manager to be – larger than life and full of positive energy. She gets me.

She even used to invite me to cocktail parties back when I was a magazine maven. I don’t think they do cocktail parties at bank branches any more either.

Pauline spent an hour patiently crunching my numbers and it looks like she has a solution for me. Hurrah!

Is it normal to hug your bank manager? There was a big hug when I left. She’s such a sweetheart.

I went very close to having a relieved weep as I stood on the train platform afterwards.

I have about 50 million tasks on the to-do list she’s given me to tick off first, but I’ve set the wheels in motion to renovate my place for a possible paying lodger  … subject to council approval.

Actually, I have no frigging idea how I’m going to find time for all the stuff on that to-do list as I am flat out.

I’m off early this morning to get a back scan for the eldest’s scoliosis, then it’s work, followed by pick-up duty for the skipping team tonight.

No rest for the wicked.

Although, the weekend stretches before me like a barren wasteland because DD has gone to Asia on a business trip for a whole week. He never normally goes away over a weekend, but it was the only way to make all his meetings work.

Sad face.

No Sunday roast snuggled up on the same side of the table at 4 Pines for us … and it’s going to be swimming weather this weekend too. Damn. Double damn.

Unfortunately that free time is no use for most of the tasks on the to-do list. They involve lots of things that need to be sorted in business hours.

But I’ll get there. ASAP. It’s time to get shite done.

Song of the day: Little River Band “Help is on the way”


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  1. That’s so great you have an action plan (and how wonderful to have a bank manager like that). Just do a little bit each day, even if it’s one task, or the first bit of one task. Keep your list close by and tick those things off!

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