Lockdown lifer

Yesterday was pretty hectic by lockdown standards.

I had a virtual job interview at 9am. The recruiter rang less than an hour later to say I wouldn’t be going through to the next round because my SEO experience wasn’t strong enough. Bummer. At least they ripped the Band-Aid off quickly.

The youngest literally spent eight hours making focaccia and pizza bases. As she waited for the dough to rise, she worked on sewing her own formal dress.

I bought DD’s birthday present online (hint: it’s an experience, rather than a traditional gift, stay tuned).

DD and I also went to look at the unit I’m thinking about buying. We had to go into the building one at a time, due to the current restrictions. We drove via our favourite coffee shop so I could grab two piccolos to thank him for making the trip.

DD really liked the unit. He said his first thought when he walked in was “wow!” because it’s so freaking big. It’s seriously bigger than some of the houses I’ve lived in over the years. It’s also solid and private and pretty quiet considering it’s on a very busy road. All those positives should have helped me, but they didn’t. I am in agony from the indecision about whether to downsize or tough it out where I am for another two years.

When I got home and realised I was missing vital ingredients for all the dishes I could potentially cook for dinner. So I had to go out again to the shops. I really need to be better organised during lockdown.

I also made a bit of progress on clearing out the two spare bedrooms, but I’ve been hampered by lack of space in the bin. On the plus side, you can actually get to the light switch in both rooms now, so that’s something.

I put together my latest Drinks Digest weekly newsletter too. A few of the articles were embargoed, so I’ll have to leave you in suspense about the top headlines in the world of booze, since I haven’t pressed publish on them yet. As a Hunter Valley girl, I was very interested in Tulloch Wines going up for sale, I have many happy memories of their verdelho.

I ended up cooking crumbed salmon and oven-baked chips for dinner – a family favourite. And then the eldest and I hunkered down for another marathon session of Zoo episodes on Netflix.

As I lie in bed this morning, I’m wondering what the daily health updates from around the country will hold. It’s a bit unsettling that we now have COVID-19 outbreaks in every capital city except Hobart. Even Alice Springs is in lockdown.

Stay safe everyone. Get jabbed. I’m booked in to get my first one this Saturday. Not looking forward to it, but figured I had to be sensible.

Song of the day: Smokie “Needles & pins”

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