Making the decision

After much angst – my apologies to everyone who’s patiently listened to me go on and on and on about it to – I’ve decided not to bid on the apartment.

In case you’ve missed my blog posts earlier this week, I was thinking about downsizing into an apartment on a busy road with two teenagers, two dogs and two rats.

But I’ve decided it’s too risky to buy before I sell, as there’s so much I need to get down around my place to get it ready. The panic would destroy my remaining nerves.

Also, as I noted to DD, if we had a major fight and broke up, would there be enough joy in living as a completely single mum in that apartment? No. It’s not “the one”.

I’m also slightly worried about having to walk the dogs late at night for wee purposes before bed.

But it was interesting to get the real estate agent over yesterday to discuss what would be involved in selling. He was very patient with me as I rattled on about my doubts and fears. He also told me what needed to be done to the place – lots of bathroom stuff, painting, decluttering …

So my job over the coming weeks is to get the place ready for potential sale. That way, when/if I find the perfect apartment I’m ready to move quickly on it.

I am not looking forward to getting the place ready for potential sale, but it’s a necessary evil.

DD and I ate yummy Japanese green tea noodle salads for lunch together yesterday, while we discussed what not moving looks like in terms of practicalities. I think he’s hoping that’s the last time he’s bombarded for a while … although I did send him a handyman list last night to get his opinion.

He also admitted that I’d let the cat out of the bag about his birthday surprise experience. The What’s App chat group from the cruise asked me what plans we had coming up … and I told them about it. Duh! DD’s in the chat too, you eeejit!

Menopause brain is sooooooo annoying.

Oh, well, it’s still a surprise for you guys, so I’ll leave you in suspense (don’t get too excited, it’s pretty low key).

OK, gotta go and face another day of lockdown, followed by another weekend of lockdown.

I am deeply envious of everyone out there not in lockdown this weekend. Have a good one!

Song of the day: Devo “Freedom of choice”

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