The Christmas pariah

Everyone keeps telling me how busy they are this week. They have too many Christmas events on – dinners, parties, drinks.

I’m starting to feel a bit weird about it because I don’t have ANYTHING in my calendar.

Well, other than getting my roots done tomorrow night.

Oh, and the owner of my local cafe has decided its time to find a job that pays proper money, so he’s having closing down drinks on Saturday, he said I should pop in.

But thats not really Christmas related.

As far as I know I haven’t NOT been invited to anything festive that my friends are throwing, but it would be so tempting to think I’m a Christmas pariah.

I’m actually not too concerned, as I’m pretty knackered. I don’t think I have partying in me right now.

I still hurt too much from painting the house.

And I have plenty to keep me busy. DD said I could use his house as a beach pad for the youngest and two of her friends to celebrate school ending.

We’re heading thete on Thursday night while he’s away. It’s turned out to be perfect timing because they’re predicting it will be 37C on Thursday and he has air-con.


In even better news, an electrician came over yesterday to install fans in the kids’ bedrooms. So the eldest won’t melt while he’s minding the house and the dogs for me.

I’ve also offered the eldest $50 to paint the side of the house on Friday after the weather cools down again.

And I have an initial confirmation that it’s a goer.


On the losing side, my washing machine carked it and flipped the metre box switches in the process. So now my computer is on the fritz.

I’m giving half my life savings to Geekd2U tonight to fix it and the other half will go towards a new washing machine.

Merry Christmas!

Actually, I finally felt a bit festive last night when my friend Mel and I went for a walk and wandered down our suburb’s best Christmas lights street – so pretty!

I still can’t be bothered putting up our tree though.

Song of the day: Eartha Kitt “Santa Baby”

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