It’s hard to stop

I’ve done very little over the Christmas break and it’s been oddly exhausting.

On Boxing Day I was so knackered I spent the morning lying cactus on the sofa, alternately reading, snoozing and eating rocky road.

It took forever to haul myself to a standing position.

I’m thinking it’s because normal life is so go, go, go – you don’t get a chance to feel tired, you just power on.

But once you stop it slams you.

I feel a bit guilty about how few people I’ve seen and how little I’ve done with all that free time on my hands.

But my need was to do nothing much at all, other than dunk myself in the ocean as often as possible.

I feel much more awake after doing that.

Of course, I haven’t been totally idle, as that’s close to impossible for me.

I’ve gone on lots of lovely walks with friends, DD helped me detail my car, and I “soft launched” our new website.

The website is live, but I’m not quite ready to reveal the name and address yet. I need to do a bit more tweaking to get the tone right and add a few more of our adventures into it. But I’m thrilled by what I’ve created and I hope you like it too.

That will be an exciting project for 2020.

As for HouseGoesHome, it’s time for some end-of-year stats.

Views of the site since it launched: 1,084,420

Biggest single day on the site since it launched: 7227 views

Top 10 blog posts of the year (all oldies, none from this year!)

1. A funny thing happened when I talked about sex…

2. 50-year-old men are really hot

3. HouseGoesHollywood: guess who tweeted their baby’s circumcision?

4. 10 amazing loot bags

5. Different shades of grey

6. I can’t stop thinking about Sandra Bullock’s thighs

7. Giving birth in the ’80s was SCARY

8. I can’t adult today – please don’t make me

9. Shoot, shag or marry

10. The banana dare

Top 5 blog posts written in 2019

1.Shocking day in court

2. It’s just a name

3. Heartbreak and joy

4. Such a dangerous rort

5. The rat’s out of the bag

Thanks for being there during another year of my ups and downs. There are so many people who take the time to read the blog each week, which is wonderful.

I hope to continue entertaining, horrifying and getting you thinking in the year ahead.

Song of the day: Village People “You can’t stop the music” (oh how I loved that movie as a 13-year-old … pretty sure my 13-year-old wouldn’t be quite so giddy about it but maybe I should try and dig it up on DVD because this clip delights me)






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