So apologetic

Qantas had a special earlier this year that offered flights for half the Frequent Flyer points as usual.

I had a few up my sleeve from all the grocery shopping I do at Woolies, so I threw caught to the wind and snapped up a ticket to Queenstown.

I feel guilty about it now because I’ve been moaning so much about being broke. Broke people shouldn’t go on holidays to Queenstown.

DD also had some hotel points that were about to expire, so it will be a budget friendly trip … but really, I shouldn’t be going.

Except I am! This morning!

So I’d better call off the pity Alana party.

I’ve never been to New Zealand other than spending a day in Auckland on a cruise once, so I’m stoked to finally make it to the South Island at age 51.

It’s crazy that it’s taken me this long when it’s so close to Australia.

We are keeping things very simple, not attempting to do too much. We just want a chance to relax together for a while. It’s been three years since we’ve spent more than a couple of days together, when we had a week in Italy.

It will be very strange – and lovely – to have a whole seven days with DD by my side again.

We’re both pretty burnt out by 2019, it’s been a bit of a rollercoaster.

And getting ready to leave has been HELL – yesterday’s panicked palaver of sorting out the kids and dogs and work and paperwork for refinancing the house was intense.

I’m not sure how often I’ll be blogging while I’m away. Let’s see how I go.

OK, gotta run, I’m off to the airport to sip free mimosas in the departure lounge …

Cheers and I’ll catch you soonish.

Song of the day: Madonna “Sorry”

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