Slice of heaven

Yesterday started very badly and ended so, so well.

I had two really intense episodes of vertigo while lying in bed that felt like the head spins I had when I drank too much as a twentysomething … times 10.

Horrible. DD reckons it was a calcium deposit that came loose in my inner ear.

When the dixziness and nausea finally subsided we headed back to gorgeous Arrowtown for a delicious sausage roll from the local bakery, then I drifted in and out of sleep as DD drove us to Oamaru.

Oamaru was pretty uninspiring on the way into town, but once we got to the historic district we were completely enchanted.

Oamaru is the NZ home of steampunk and there’s a museum dedicated to it near the waterfront.

It’s $10 entry and totally worth it – we loved exploring the bizarre artworks and were dazzled by the magic created in a mirrored room filled with of flashing lights.

Steampunk is a Victoriana-like, Jules Verne-sque sci-fi mash up. Lots of cogs and corsets and goggles and rusty metal.

Afterwards, we wandered across the road to the local brewery for a cider while we decided what to do for dinner.

I was flicking through the Lonely Planet when I spotted Fleur’s Place about 30 minutes down the coast.

Fleur is quite the character with her wild grey hair and warm conversation.

Rick Stein loves her restaurant and rich people helicopter in for lunch. It’s just an unassuming tin shed, but it’s perched right beside the sea with the most stunning views and it was wonderful.

I had a trio of ling, grouper and elephant fish served with queen scallops, smashed potatoes and fennel hollandaise sauce.

After dinner we sat sipping wine beside the sea and felt gloriously lucky and relaxed.

Then we headed back to Oamaru for a night in the steampunk themed Poshtel – we’re in the music room with a tuba above the bed and bedside lamps made from trumpets.

Here are some of yesterday’s happy snaps:

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