Long in the tooth

Like me, my iphone 6 has been looking a little tired and ratty around the edges. We’re both getting pretty long in the tooth. It was my work phone in my last job and they forgot to ask for it back when I was retrenched. I think that makes it an antique in the digital […]

A bit inappropriate

Everyone was in denial about the decline of print media when I worked at ACP Magazines. They thought the good times would never end. The parties, the freebies, the big salaries, the glamorous perks … Back then there was even a luxurious gym in the building with its own beauty salon. The salon did a […]

Give us strength

It feels a bit wrong to blather today as fires still rage throughout the country and people have lost their homes and risked their lives. Residents in parts of NSW were told it was too late to leave their homes after an escalation in fire conditions, with blazes moving swiftly towards populated areas. Facebook provided […]

It hurts to type this

I winced a lot yesterday after doing a dumb thing. As mentioned in yesterday’s blog post, I spent a few hours on Saturday filling the wheelie bin with crap from my garage. I also wasted lots of time mooning over boxes of children’s books and toys and baby clothes … you know you’re getting old […]

Quite the catch

I love a weekend that ends with eating a roast dinner while nestled beside DD. We mixed things up a bit last night by heading to Flourish in Avalon with DD’s mates D2 and D3 (their Warrior . nicknames). It was a bit posher than our usual roast, the yorkshire pudding was decorated with edible […]

Lost moments in time

There’s no room for a car in my garage – it’s too full of memories. There are kids’ party decorations, folders of school art creations, knickknacks from my grandmother’s house, and a huge box of photos dating back to my great grandmother’s youth. As I was ratting around in the box on Wednesday night, looking […]

Where did the years go?

My nephew turns 18 today. Ermagerd! How on earth do I have an 18-year-old nephew?!? I feel so ooooooold … Anyways, happy birthday nephew! It seems like only yesterday that my nephew was three months old … and I was dressed up for a job interview to become editor of Woman’s Day … and made […]

The good ones

When DD first introduced me to his friends, they would invariably congratulated me on “getting one of the good ones”. I’d feel slightly miffed and want to reply “well, he got one of the good ones too!” But I was a stranger to them at that stage, so how were they to know? On the […]

What would you do?

It sounds like the first line of a joke, but it wasn’t very funny at the time. My moodle was attacked by a giant poodle yesterday. Giant poodles look really silly and harmless, but this one went nuts when Bilbo – my moxie – started barking at him. Bilbo is terrified of big dogs and […]

Pretending to fly

I swanned into the Qantas Business Class Lounge last night to drink sparkling wine and pretend I was off to Perth again. Sadly, it was only DD who was flying, but it was fun to sip the free stuff. It was perfect timing too, as Facebook informed me that yesterday was our five-year Friendversary. Cheers! […]