Long in the tooth

Like me, my iphone 6 has been looking a little tired and ratty around the edges.

We’re both getting pretty long in the tooth. It was my work phone in my last job and they forgot to ask for it back when I was retrenched.

I think that makes it an antique in the digital world. Over the years it’s had a new screen and a new battery installed as I’ve attempted to avoid major expense.

About a month ago the button at the bottom of the screen stopped working. Fortunately the youngest showed me how to switch the phone on using the side button. Yep, I’m that clueless.

For some reason the button was still functional once the phone booted up.

And that was fine for a while, but this week the button decided it wasn’t sure it wanted to work at all. I probably should have seen that coming.

As a social media manager and single mother of two, I kinda need my phone to work. Actually, not kinda. I need it to work.

I was in a bit of a tizz yesterday morning when it decided to go totally on the fritz, with just the occasional rally after frantic pressing.

So I threw caution to the wind and swung into my local Officeworks on the way to work to ask what they had available in the (slightly cheaper) iphone 6 and 7 category.

There was one lone iphone 7. It was 128GB, so a little more expensive than I’d been hoping, but I took it. I had a busy day ahead, including subject selection night at the eldest’s new high school and dinner with the kids’ former primary school teacher. There was no time to shilly shally.

I didn’t have enough money in my bank account for a new phone, the coffers are a little bare after paying for my rip-off Renault car service, so I used the kids’ child support account money.

Not entirely kosher when that’s supposed to be used to pay for their clothes and food and other essentials, but hey.

As for subject selection, it was a bit of a mess. They’d left art off the eldest’s timetable and accidentally added music instead. Removing music and adding art was problematic because art clashed with science. The staffer suggested swapping science for fashion. Alana said no. The staffer then suggested swapping science for family studies. Alana said no.

The eldest really likes science and is quite good at it. I really want science in there.

The staffer was having a rather hard time of it – the queue to fix timetable problems was very, very long – so my phone number was taken and I will be called to sort it out later.

Good thing I got that new phone.

And suddenly it’s Friday. How did that happen again so quickly?

I’ll catch you again on Monday. Or maybe Tuesday.

Monday will be a bit hectic because I’ve arranged for the eldest to do a week’s work experience at a panel beater. True story. Did I tell you? I forget – it’s been a bit of a blur.

The eldest needs to be at the panel beater’s workshop at the crack of dawn.

So my schedule might be a bit too tight for blog writing.

Have a great weekend. May it be free of fire and fritzing technology.

Song of the day: ABBA “Ring, ring”


4 thoughts on “Long in the tooth

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  1. Ive never bought a mobile outright. I have mine through my optus account. Own it at the end of 2 yeRs or get a new 1. Choices of latest phones that cost a bit more / month or older models that are free

    1. I thought about that but I didn’t have time to go to an Optus store and get on a plan. I’ve always just had my own phone and to complicate matters the Optus account is still in my ex’s name, so I can’t make changes without him being there. It was just easier to buy a new phone on the spot when my phone stopped working so I wasn’t without one yesterday.

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