Whatever trims your hedges

I got paid on Friday and celebrated by getting Dino the gardener over to trim my hedges.

Remember Dino?

Here’s a refresher:

It was very hot on Friday, so Dino trimmed my hedges and mulched my garden beds looking pretty much like he does in the above photo, wearing just a pair of boots and some Nike shorts.

As I followed Dino down the garden path to examine his work I couldn’t help noticing that he’s VERY well build.

But I felt like such a Nanna because my next thought was “I hope he’s wearing sunscreen”.

Dino told me he’s nursing a broken heart because his girlfriend just dumped him. Poor Dino. I can’t think he’ll be single for long.

Here’s a furtive shot I took of him in action:

It’s not the best angle, but I didn’t want to get caught and branded a dirty old woman.

(Dino then headed to DD’s to plant a hedge at his place on Saturday, before returning to plant one for me yesterday – pictured main.)

I rounded out Friday by crashing the Choices Flooring Christmas Party. Have I mentioned my brother-in-law owns the Choices Flooring store in St Leonards? Give him a tingle if you need some schmick carpet laid.

The youngest was off to her dad’s for the weekend and the eldest was still recovering from being woken up at 5am by an escaped rat licking his nose, so wasn’t in the mood to hang with mum. I texted my sister to see what she was up to … and voila … scored myself a last-minute party invite.

The first party pic is my sis with her bestie, the second pic is the purveyor with … someone. We were introduced but I forget. Sorry!

I had a lovely time at the Choices Chrissie Party, aside from sustaining third degree party pie burns to the roof of my mouth.

Just to keep things jam packed, I caught the train to Newcastle on Sunday to visit my mum and dad before heading to the Cambridge Hotel to see Machinations and Boom Crash Opera.

Machinations hit the stage at 6pm on the dot, with Boom Crash Opera at 7.30pm on the dot. We were out by 9pm! Totes middle-aged friendly hours.

The Cambridge’s live band room was funny little place. I think it used to be a beer garden, because there’s an actual tree sitting to one side, plastered into a hole in the ceiling. The space has been enclosed to become a black dungeon-like room that was quite fun because we scored the most awesome table right next to the stage and the house wine was Audrey Wilkinson. The bartenders admitted they were a little startled by how much Audrey they went through as I think they’re used to a beer and premix crowd.

It was a bit confronting to see Machinations for the first time in decades, as they looked a bit like a dad band that had wandered onto the stage.

They used to look like this:

They now look like this:

But they blew me away with their final song, No Say In It. Corker!

Boom Crash Opera were insanely good and I’m still recovering from Googling the age of the lead singer and finding out he’s 64. He didn’t look 64 in his woollen cap, skinny jeans and Converse as he frolicked and sang his heart out on stage.

Boom Crash Opera used to look like this:

Now they look like this:

When the lead singer launched into Stand Up In The Air, I was on my feet waving my hands around like a lunatic. Admittedly I three Audrey Chardys in at that point. But I also absolutely loved Onion Skin and The Best Thing and Dancing in the Storm and Get out of the House.

We went with my friend Darren, who popped over to the T-shirt stand at one point and delightedly came back with a Boom Crash Opera tea towel … as you do at a middle-aged event.

This is the only fuzzy selfie we took:

We had the bulkest of fun. Five stars from me, Darren and DD.

And I came home to a fully mulched garden courtesy of Dino the dishy gardener.

How lucky am I?

PS Well, I’d be slightly luckier if I could afford to buy my dream house. I found it when I was lurking on Domain. It’s in Whale Beach. Should I set up a GoFundMe?

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