Pretending to fly

I swanned into the Qantas Business Class Lounge last night to drink sparkling wine and pretend I was off to Perth again.

Sadly, it was only DD who was flying, but it was fun to sip the free stuff.

It was perfect timing too, as Facebook informed me that yesterday was our five-year Friendversary.


When DD’s flight was called he suggested I hang around for another freebie glass of wine and a bowl of beef and black bean, but I wanted to kiss him goodbye – lots of times – at the gate because the romance isn’t dead yet.

He’d normally work while on the plane, but he told me he’d probably just watch a movie because it’s been a big week for both of us.

I’ll work backwards through some of it …

I convinced DD to go swimming at the beach yesterday afternoon, despite his misgivings. His neighbour Gav reckoned it was colder than a witch’s tit in the surf that morning.

Gav was right, but I still loved it, despite my hands feeling like they’d frozen solid after five minutes in the water.

It was a bit cruel of me because DD had actually invited me up to have a roast lunch at the Four Pines, not frostbite and a brisk takeaway burger.



On Saturday night we went to dinner at Long Chim – the latest restaurant by famed Thai foodie David Thompson – with some of DD’s besties before we headed to the Just For Laughs comedy gala at the Sydney Opera House.

To be honest, I reckon the pad see ew at my local takeaway is better than Mr Thompson’s … and also less than half the price … but it was fun to be out with the cool crowd on a Saturday night eating betel leaves.

The comedy gala was hosted by Dave Hughes, who I find very, very hilarious live. I haven’t had much experience with him on the tellie or radio, so I can’t compare.

The other acts were Judith Lucy, Lano & Woodley, Nina Conti, Randy Feltface, Eman El-Husseini and Adam Christie. DD loves a bit of Lano & Woodley, but I don’t think they’re funny AT ALL. It’s a complete mystery to me how they make a living as comedians. Fortunately everyone else in the line-up was a cack.

We had many chuckles but, being a bit long in the tooth, we slightly regretted getting tickets to the late show rather than the early one.

It was almost midnight by the time we crawled into bed. Yawn!

Earlier in the day I stole the youngest from her dad’s place to go apartment hunting with me, as I continue to contemplate the viability of downsizing.

The first place we saw was qtiny, on the ground floor, a little bit dim in the bedrooms and jammed with desperate first home buyers prepared to pay far more than they should for a slice of Sydney’s real estate market. There was much muttering in the long queue about what other properties in the area had gone for at auction.

Remember the place with the queue of 100 people that I went to look at in Lane Cove? Very very small, but it had quite a lovely feel to it. I was counted out because the complex didn’t allow pets.

The agent had been quoting $1.1million to $1.2million. It went for $1.375million … for a townhouse where you could virtually reach out and touch the opposite sides of the wall in the second and third bedrooms.


The youngest didn’t like the Lane Cove apartment at all. Then I took her to one a bit further north up the railway line. Our mouths fell open when we walked into that one. It was FREAKING AWESOME.

On the downside, it’s in the middle of Woop Woop on the side of the Pacific Highway … but you didn’t notice that when you were inside because it was so bloody nice.

No idea how I’d buy it though as there’s no way I could get my house ready before the pre-Xmas sale window closes.

Friday night was another laugh fest – I went to see Kathy Lette live on stage with my weekly walking buddies Emily and Fee.

After watching Kathy perform, I’ve decided I wouldn’t describe her as a comedian. She’s more of an amusing raconteur who makes the occasional outdated comment about things like licking cream off random men in the audience and G-spots.

But we enjoyed her tales of hiding Julian Assange in her attic, turning down a date with a very young George Clooney and offering to stick the tongue in when presenting Princes William and Harry with polo trophies.

I needed a laugh after hearing back from the Renault folk about my farked Captur, which apparently needs a new gearbox computer.

Thank gawd it’s still under warranty, so the new computer is free. The yearly service, however, which they will do at the same time, will be around $600.

The bloke who turned me away on Thursday when I informed him the car had carked it on the Harbour Bridge expressway slunk off from the service counter when I approached it again on Friday morning. Didn’t want to have anything to do with me after my rather strongly worded official complaint email.

Ah well, at least it got them to sit up and fix the bloody thing.

And that was my weekend in reverse, with a few blerk things left out, as not everything can be blabbed.

Busy! But with lots of joyful stuff to balance out the sucky bits.

Hope yours was more joyful than sucky too.

Song of the day: Madness “I like driving in my car” (no I don’t)

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