The chemicals keep reacting

DD has been a lifesaver over the past week or so. Fortunately not in the surf, though he was a swimming instructor many moons ago. I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by my rollercoaster life and making mercy dashes up to his place for swims, lunches, hugs and glasses of wine on his couch. It’s times like […]

Needles and pins

Sensing her mother’s resistance levels were low, the youngest begged to get a second piercing in her ears over the weekend. I am not a fan of second piercings. I think solo ones look much nicer. Actually, I’m not a fan of piercings at all – I’ve never had my own ears done and I’m […]

The Palestinian pigeon racer

DD and I went to a Cellarmasters wine tasting on Friday night, where I did my best impression of a wine wanker while chatting to Neil McGuigan and soliciting his opinion on everything from chardy to pinot gris and rose. Afterwards, we wandered arm in arm – DD and I, not Neil and I – […]

It’s just a name

I gave a farewell toast to my eldest child’s first and second names in my sister’s spa last night. A mini bottle of Prosecco with a gold straw. Cheers! My ex submitted the paperwork this week to change them. It’s been a little confronting to say goodbye to the names I lovingly chose all those […]

Feeling like an alien

My mind is a little blown that it’s the 50th anniversary of man walking on the moon next week. Yep, on July 22, 1969, Neil Armstrong took that amazing first step. All up, 12 people have walked on the Moon. The last person did it in 1972. I can’t believe we haven’t gone back since. […]

Solving a few things

The straws that break you can be so random and unexpected. Getting lost on Sunday night totally threw me. I woke up yesterday still struggling to return to glass-half-full normality. It wasn’t until last night that I felt the clouds beginning to lift, although I’m still a little anxious about the kids’ latest raft of medical […]

That’s pretty crazy

DD had a personal training session at 3.30am on Saturday morning. Peak cray-cray. His personal trainer was going overseas on holidays and leaving at 5.30am for the airport, so they decided to squeeze in one last workout. Fruit loops, the both of them. DD thought the same about me when I insisted on going for […]

Buying myself time

Speaking of that lottery I’m going to win … despite not having a ticket … I’ve been contemplating what I’ll do with the imaginary money. And the thing I want most is time. Sometimes it feels like I’m drowning in the ever-growing list of tasks I never get a chance to complete … or even […]

Seeking a happy place

Reading the news is such a downer these days. So many terrible things are happening in the world. People are incredibly cruel and hateful to each other. Donald Trump keeps finding new ways to be a total numpty. And so does the daughter of Numpty Trump … pretending she’s a diplomat at G20 … FFS […]

I smell a rat

I literally do smell a rat. Two, actually. Rats wee A LOT. Rat wee is not my favourite aroma. Fortunately, the eldest has been fairly diligent about cleaning their cages out. I don’t like keeping animals in cages, so I ordered them a new Taj Mahal four-level one on ebay last week … as I […]