Solving a few things

The straws that break you can be so random and unexpected.

Getting lost on Sunday night totally threw me. I woke up yesterday still struggling to return to glass-half-full normality.

It wasn’t until last night that I felt the clouds beginning to lift, although I’m still a little anxious about the kids’ latest raft of medical dramas and how to solve them.

I’ve made an appointment with an ophthalmologist (I’d fail that one in a spelling bee) about the youngest’s allergic eyes – the receptionist informed me it will be $300+ and take 90 minutes. Far out!

Speaking of my medically challenged kids, they left to visit their grandparents yesterday afternoon, so I went home to an empty house, which was a bit confronting after the youngest being bedridden at my place for weeks.

It felt so empty and quiet. Much as I’m exhausted by caring for sickly teenagers, I hate that they’re gone.

Come back sickly teenagers, I want to give you another hug!

I haven’t organised to do anything social while they’re gone because I’m so behind on the household basics. Cleaning and boring crap like that.

I also made apricot chicken last night. I’ve had a weird craving for months, but the kids and DD have both refused to eat it.

It has been forever and a decade since I made apricot chicken.

The verdict: admittedly not the most photogenic dish, but nom nom.

Would def make again.

Here’s my recipe (though the credit for the genius addition of curry powder goes to my friend Fee) …

Alana’s Apricot Chicken 

8 chicken thigh cutlets

1 tsp curry powder

1 pkt french onion soup mix

1 can apricot nectar

250ml chicken stock


rice & veggies to serve

METHOD: Pan fry the chicken cutlets under browned all over. Toss in the curry powder and let it sizzle for a few seconds. Add the stock, soup mix and nectar. Stir and simmer until the chicken is cooked through. Thicken with cornflour if desired. Serve with rice and veg.

Though I’m a bit daunted by the thought of eating it for a week after making a whole casserole dish of the stuff.

As I battled my tumult yesterday, I read an article by an old colleague of mine –  Kelly Baker revealed what her anxiety feels like.

I related to many things she said, especially when she talked about her mean inner voice that says: Have you done enough, been enough, achieved enough? Because if you haven’t then, well, what good are you? No good, actually. No good at all.

It’s exhausting to feel you are always falling short.

I’m working on getting my equilibrium back.

Song of the day: Queen & David Bowie “Under pressure”

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