There’s two of them!

I rousted the youngest from bed yesterday for her post-surgery check-up.

As we were dashing out the door I realised her new referral was made out to the WRONG SPECIALIST.

Arrrrrghhhhh! The doctor’s surgery wasn’t open yet, so I couldn’t call them to get another one. Arrrrgghhhhh!

I darted into the waiting room and apologetically informed the staff, who were very nice about it and promised to sort it out for me.

I repeated my apology to the ENT, who said the accidental referral was to his brother. His brother’s first name also starts with a J and he also practices as an ENT in a nearby suburb, so the mix-up happens a lot.

I am SO wishing I’d asked if they were twins, especially after he pointedly explained that his brother focusses on ears, while he focusses on noses.

Riiiiight, I nodded.

That is such a we are totes different twin thing to say.

Talk about an over-achieving family!

Anyways, he cheerfully informed us that he normally rates infected adenoids on a scale of 1-5, but the youngest’s were a 10+++++.

Go us! Highest mark all year.

The ENT also reckons its not concerning that the youngest is still sick, as a lot of the viruses going around this winter are lingering for six weeks. He checked her throat and said it was inflamed, but her tonsils were fine, so it’s not glandular fever.

I didn’t mention the potential gas poisoning, but the youngest reckons she hasn’t felt like fainting since the leak was fixed.

Afterwards, I dropped her to school and kept my fingers crossed she’d struggle through the day.

I made it through mine, then headed to the city to celebrate World Tequila Day with my sister, as you do …

But I’ve waffled on enough for one morning, so I’ll save the tequila blather for tomorrow.

PS The main pic is identical twins Drs Jamil & Idries Abdur-Rahmanf from the TwinDoctorsTV website and YouTube channel. Both are gynocologists who practice in Chicago. That’s not weird at all.

Song of the day: Bill Withers “Just the two of us”



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