The latest drama

I can’t believe I’m typing these words, but another drama has befallen me.

I think it is most unreasonable of the universe to have lumbered me with an additional crisis, but you know what they say about life’s unfairness.

Anyways, I’ve been having problems with a leaking gas smell in the front yard. It’s been going on for months and months. I called the gas people and asked them to take a look and I dunno what happened after that, but they didn’t fix it.

Then I got a note in the letterbox in May from the gas people saying they’d found and fixed a leak in my regulator, so I presumed I was in ace it’s sorted territory and got on with my life.

But I still thought I could smell gas occasionally.

I came home to a threatening note last week from the gas people saying I had a leaking pipe that I needed to fix within seven days or they’d cut off my gas supply.


I called the plumber who helped me out when a water pipe sprung a leak in my ceiling and he was there within two hours … and stayed for most of the freaking day.

I was packing death because I’m pretty sure plumbers’ hourly rates aren’t cheap.

Anyways, the upshot was that there were two leaks, one under the house and one somewhere between the metre and the house.

I nipped home from work at lunchtime on Monday to discuss solutions with the plumber. I was very excited to discover that his sidekick was a woman. I’ve never had a female plumber before – so awesome!

Less awesome was the news they needed to dig up my front yard to locate the leak.

Anyways … a posse of plumbers spent most of yesterday at my place – the youngest reports there were “so many people” in the front and backyards. Eeek, I hope she’s exaggerating, the thought of $200 per plumber per hour is making my chest tight.

It follows chest tightness induced insomnia on Monday night after I made the mistake of Googling the symptoms of gas poisoning, which can manifest as being flu-like. So now I’m terrified that’s why the kids have spent most of the year sick in bed.

Not to mention being terrified by how much it’s all going to cost – the plumber is tallying the bill and promising to deliver it on Thursday.

Speaking of sickness, after rallying slightly during the school holidays, the youngest returned to bed on Monday and hasn’t made it out since. We are heading to the ENT for her surgery follow-up this morning and I will beg him to give me some answers on why she isn’t recovering … aside from potentially having gas poisoning.

I see more medical appointments and bills in my future.

Poor me.

Just occasionally, I’d really like to spend my money on nice things.

Speaking of nice things – check out this sunrise DD captured yesterday:

Wish I could have been there!

Song of the day: ABBA “Money, money, money”

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