Dirty dreams (plus 14 Earthy celebs)

It’s kinda ironic that my home town of Sydney spent Earth Day 2015 this week being battered by the elements. The Earth really wanted to make its displeasure know about how we’re mistreating it!

My little house survived the storms pretty well, a leak in the verandah flashing, a sagging tree in the backyard, but that’s about it.

Speaking of yards, I’m feeling a bit conflicted about mine. While I have all these fantasies about going farmhouse chic with my decor if I happen to win $100,000 in the lottery …


… actually, I’ve been having farmhouse dreams for years … getting a little place in the Hunter, with chickens roaming about and fruit trees in the backyard and lots of lovely wineries to visit … but it’s crazy talk.

Because the truth is I’m not really a farm kinda girl.


I HATE gardening, which is a bit of a sticking point in the whole thing.

So, not surprisingly, there’s this alterna-fantasy I’ve also been nuturing that involves a zero-maintenance lifestyle in an apartment with a view like THIS, with the dogs packed off to live with one of my grown children …


(Ooooooohhhh, I want that terrace so BAD it’s painful.)

But back to Earth Day … here are some pics of how the celebs marked the day on Instagram … it seems it’s become a thing …


>> Christie Brinkley: “It’s Earth Day ! Hug a Tree! #hugatree@worldwildlifefund


>> Kate Hudson: “Unless someone like u cares a whole awful lot, nothing’s going to get better. It’s not. -The Lorax #EarthDay.”


>> Lea Michele: “What a gorgeous day! #Nola #EarthDay.”


>> Hilaria Baldwin: “Celebrating #EarthDay with these really cool shirts!!#IWillChangeTheWorld #EatPlants 🌿🌎🌏🌍 thanks @seedfw 💙💚💙💚!!#SuperModelPose #BaldwinBabyBump.”


>> Natalia Imbruglia: “Happy Earth Day! 🌏💙
We are so lucky to live on such a beautiful planet. Today, let’s be grateful for its beauty and remember to take care of Mother Earth! 🙏🏼 #earthday#nature #motherearth #naturelover.”


>> Reese Witherspoon: “Happy earth day folks!! Good excuse to get out there and hug your favorite tree or elephant or dog or chipmunk or little baby anything!! (*Sigh* It feels so good!!! Am I right???!) #EarthDay#LoveMeSomeNature


>> Nicole Ritchie: “Our home. Our mother. Our Earth. #HappyEarthDay.”


>> Sarah Jessica Parker: “Honored to take part in celebrating Earth Day. Happily wearing my @jcrew shirt designed by @drawbertson.
@jcrew, Xerces Society, and Buglife are partnering up to help save the bees and it’s my great honor to help them spread the word.
After all, they are our most important pollinators, responsible in part for some of my favorite things. French fries, fresh-cut flowers, raspberry pie. The list goes on…
X, Sj


>> Curtis Stone: “Happy earth day guys!!! And sending huge luv to#mothernature today. I can’t stress enough that she did a real good job when she worked out which ingredients belong to which season. Seasonal ingredients are available in abundance which drives down their prices, they’re available locally (less travel costs to you and the earth) and they have fantastic natural flavour so you only need to treat them simply to turn out an impressive dish. Throwing back to my london days shopping for asparagus in spring, a real darling ingredient of the season. Click link in my bio for more info on seasonal eating. How are you celebrating and giving back to the earth today?? #earthday#happyearthday.”


>> Kelly Osbourne:#HappyEarthDay I urge everyone to go out and do something good for our planet today!!!”


>> The Muppets: “Happy #EarthDay! Today, we’re all bein’ green.”


>> John Stamos: “Happy Earth Day from my garden to yours.”


>> Gisele: “Today is Earth Day! Let’s love, honor and take care of our beautiful Mother Earth. We are One. Our well being depends on how we take care of our planet. This is our home, the only one we have.#Earthday #weareone 🌍🙏❤️🙏 🌏 Hoje é o Dia da Terra! Vamos amar, honrar e cuidar da nossa linda Mãe Terra. Nós somos Um. Nosso bem estar depende de como cuidamos do nosso planeta. Esta é a nossa casa, a única que temos. #DiadaTerra.”


>> Bindi Irwin: “I hope your #EarthDay was filled with passion & wonder. It’s up to us to make a positive difference today, for the generations to come. Clean air, fresh drinking water, and an abundance of wildlife and wild places is the world we need to leave for our children and grandchildren.”


>> Miranda Kerr: “Today and everyday we should appreciate and respect the natural beauty that surrounds us. Let’s unite to protect our Earth.#earthday.”

What’s your dream?

Song of the day: Kermit the Frog “Bein’ green”

PS In other Earthy news, I’m very excited by this discovery of a frog in Costa Rica that looks exactly like Kermit …





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