Desperate times call for appalling measures

It’s tough times in print media and I bet the editor of Zoo magazine thought he was on a winner with this Anzac Day commemorative issue …


I can imagine his glee as he signed off on the issue: hot chick on the cover wearing a bikini, brandishing red poppy and giving a provocative interview saying: “I do like guys in uniform. They’re bad arses, they have guns and they’re really fit and well built.”

I bet he was giddy with expectation about the circulation “uplift” that would follow.  Instead I reckon he’s feeling pretty ill right now. Well, I hope he is …

Because not only has the appallingly inappropriate cover been universally condemned, but the magazine may be faced with fines of up to $50,000 for misusing the Anzac name.

I was horrified when I spotted the image after it was shared in my Facebook feed. And I’m not alone.

Commenters quickly posted their disgust with remarks such as  “Do not buy it. Gross injustice to our fallen” and “Sweet merciful jesus what idiotic editorial director possibly thought this was a good idea.”

It’s easy enough to imagine how it happened. Staff sat in an ideas meeting and thought “how can we incorporate hot chicks and the Anzac centenary?” Simple – and stupid – as that.

But blerg, BIG MISTAKE.

The mag has since been forced to remove all “offending” images of the bikini-clad model, Erin Pash, and her poppy, according to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs. The word ‘Anzac’ is protected by federal legislation and cannot be used for commercial purposes without the express permission of the DVA.

While the mag was careful not to mention the word Anzac on its cover, it promoted the issue on Facebook as “the Anzac commemorative issue.”

The DVA has been advised that ZOO had removed “all offending content” and the image of the bikini model and the poppy no longer features on the magazine’s Facebook page.

Seems a bit vague to me. Does that mean the awful cover is still on sale, but promotional material mentioning the word “Anzac” has been removed? I suspect the publishers have found some loophole to keep it on sale, because the alternative would be financially disasterous.

On the positive side of Anzac Day and Facebook, I’ve been moved to see so many photographs of families and friends attending Dawn Services, including this shot taken by my dear friend Glen …


The Household stayed in bed because their matriarch is still ill. I thought I was finally on the mend – more than two weeks after first getting crook – so I went to the gym yesterday. The instructor told me to leave when it looked like I was going to lose my breakfast all over my gym mat.

The rest of yesterday passed in a ghastly, exhausted, nauseous haze … And then we celebrated my Mum’s birthday at my sister’s place, with me in charge of the fixings. (I went the Mexican route again with chorizo dip and slow-roasted, pulled pork tacos. Recipes to follow soon when my stomach stops see-sawing.)

I was shattered afterwards and crawled into bed at the same time as the nine-year-old, feeling ultra sorry for myself.

I’ll be taking it very easy this weekend.

But I take my hat off to everyone who has gone out of their way to be part of the Anzac centenary.

That’s the way to honour the day, not with a scantily clad model.

Did you attend the Dawn Service? 





4 thoughts on “Desperate times call for appalling measures

  1. Oh Alana rest as much as you can and I hope you’re back to full health very soon! Great work getting that dinner prep done when you were feeling so ill. That cover was a disgusting attempt to cash-in on ANZAC Day! It’s wonderful to see so many turning out for Dawn Services. Apparently the Canberra one was the biggest yet. Son and I didn’t make it to a service (wish we had) but my sister was down at Coogee at 4.45am, good on her.

  2. Well, it’s ZOO, so what could we expect. Hope they get the book thrown at them. And, and I know this is really knitpicky, but it is really getting to me – POPPIES are for REMEMBRANCE DAY. ROSEMARY is for ANZAC Day. They, and a whoooooollllle lot of other people, need a slap for that.

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