I’m going to my first dance party … at 47


It’s a bit weird to be going to your first dance party on the totally wrong side of 40. I never had the slightest inclination to go to one in my youth. They involved stay up too late and there were too many drugs. Ewwwww.

Yep, I was born a granny.

But I’ve heard about this thing called Hot Dub Time Machine and I couldn’t resist buying a ticket.

According to Hot Dub’s website: “Hot Dub Time Machine is the World’s First Time Travelling Dance Party, taking festivals, theatres, rooftops and venues all over the world on an transcendent dance through pop music history! Since it’s debut in 2011 in Sydney Australia, Hot Dub has broken dance floors at sold-out shows all over the globe along with headline main stage slots at some of the biggest festivals. Songs are played in “strict” chronological order from 1954 to 2015 with enormous mashed visuals all scratched live from vinyl turntables. Created and performed by DJ Tom Loud Hot Dub is all about singing, dancing and having the best, party, EVER!”

I mean, how much fun does THAT sound?

I do so love a boogie … and since I haven’t gotten around to having my ’70s housewarming party yet, this sounds like a pretty fab alternative.

It’s on May 15 and I’ve asked my ex to have the kids that night. Hurrah! Expect a full post-party report.

Speaking of parties, I’ve been a bit awed by Suri Cruise’s birthday celebration. It’s a bit sad when you’re envious of a nine-year-old. Suri celebrated with her very own dance party last Saturday at a place called The Gilded Lily in New York. Damn her.

Here’s what it looks like …


Cool, huh? I wish I was sitting in one of those booths tonight drinking champagne.

According to US magazine, Katie arrived early at the venue on Saturday to help set up, with an insider revealing: “Katie got an assortment of vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes decorated in pink and purple from Georgetown Cupcake SoHo. Dozens and dozens of cupcakes were placed on cupcake towers for the celebration!”

Guests also snacked on burgers, fries and chicken fingers.

“Katie brought a DJ in for Suri,” another source told US, adding that Holmes, along with 20 other guests including Katie’s parents and Suri’s grandparents, danced around to Top 40 hits with Suri and her friends.

Sadly, Katie didn’t share any shots of the guests or Suri on Instagram, just one of herself scoffing a cupcake …


But she did share a snap a few days earlier of a pre-party celebration she had with Suri. How cute is this pic?


Do you like dancing? 

Song of the day: Kenny Loggins “Footloose”

PS I’m sending out virtual hugs to everyone affected by the storms. What a shocker! I’m stunned by some of the videos and photos I’ve seen of the devastation. I hope you and your families are dry and safe.



5 thoughts on “I’m going to my first dance party … at 47

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  1. Hot Dub Time Machine sounds amazing! What a fab idea. But what do you mean the “wrong side of 40”? No way. It’s not wrong, just different to the “other” side of 40. Well, that’s what I keep telling myself. Hope everyone in your neck of the woods is OK with this storm. My area was relatively unscathed apart from needing big gumboots to leave the cul-de-sac. Nothing compared to what those further up the coast are going through.

  2. I don’t dance in public but I recently heard about a dance club where you can go and dance in the dark. Now that’s my idea of a dance venue. No one to see my inherent gumbiness. No one to laugh at me. Just me and my unco-ordinated peeps getting our groove on.

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