Mexican party food – 6 easy recipes

Oh I do so love a theme … and since I had visitors popping over yesterday afternoon, I thought I’d serve a feast of Mexican-inspired nibbles. It probably wasn’t the wisest decision, considering it felt like I was walking under water in the wake of my 10-day flu. But I resolved the floors could stay […]

Feeling special

There’s a new Dove ad that’s gone viral. Have you seen it? It gives women two doors to walk through – one with a sign above it saying “average”, the other with one that says “beautiful.” Here it is … It’s supposed to send a powerful message about how women perceive themselves, but I’m not […]

Poor, poor pitiful me

Nothing quite brings the loneliness of a broken marriage into sharp relief like getting sick. I’ve been crook for the past six days in a variety of locations – work, my parents’ house, restaurants, bars, cafes – and in the company of a variety of people – friends, family, in-laws, the kids … It felt […]

Blasts from the past: day two

There’s no rest for the wicked … Or virus-affected people forced to share narrow beds with their nine-year-old for three nights. Fortunately my mum gave me a sleep aid last night – unlike the previous evening – after establishing I hadn’t been drinking (much). So me and my tortured throat escaped to the land of […]

Meeting old friends … 30 years later

I had lunch with three high school friends yesterday – Megan, Megz and Katherine. As we munched bruschetta we figured out we hadn’t been in the same room since year 9. Together with another friend, Estelle – who I sadly lost touch with about a decade ago – we were the odd bod gang at […]

Free money (and fishnets)

My mum handed me a bank passbook yesterday. A family friend had opened the account when the eldest was born and put $100 in it. The idea was that I’d add to the $100 over the years and pay for the eldest’s university education or something. That didn’t happen. So, 11 years later, we liberated […]