Blasts from the past: day two

There’s no rest for the wicked … Or virus-affected people forced to share narrow beds with their nine-year-old for three nights.

Fortunately my mum gave me a sleep aid last night – unlike the previous evening – after establishing I hadn’t been drinking (much). So me and my tortured throat escaped to the land of nod for eight feverish hours.

This morning dawns snotty and achey. No one else is up yet to test my voice, but from the way my throat feels I expect to continue sounding like a 70-year-old.

I thought the upside to losing your voice was sounding all sexy and husky, but no, DD says mine has a geriatric timbre.

Determined not to let illness get in the way of my social life, I struggled out of bed yesterday to retrieve my car from its bar-hop abandonment, then continued my tour of old friends.

First stop: A cup of tea with my mate Paul to review the previous night’s bar hop. Verdict: bulk fun.

Second stop: Ruth from my Singapore days. Ruth is the sister of my brother-in-law’s mate and was told to look us up when she hit town as a fellow expat. We became firm friends, exploring the foodie, shopping and nightlife fun of the city.

She reminded me yesterday that she was my trashy movie companion too. My ex likes his movies high-brow so whenever I had a hankering for a bit of low-brow film fun I’d give Ruth a call. Our favourite was A Knight’s Tale with Heath Ledger and that awesome “We will rock you” scene. Such a cool song.

We moved to different cities on our return to Australia and contact became sporadic, limited to Facebook in the past five years. But Ruth happens to be serendipitously house sitting in Newcastle this week, so I grabbed some macarons from Euro and popped over for a visit.

She hadn’t changed a bit and we had a lovely chinwag.

Then I skipped across the suburb to Darren and Kirsten’s place for dinner.

Kirsten and I went to school together, she was a friend of my sister. Darren was mates with my first boyfriend. Their paths eventually collided at the Tatts Club and sparks flew.

I was lucky enough to be a bridesmaid at their gorgeous wedding.

We don’t catch up as often as we’d like, but we always have a laugh when we do. Even when I’m crook as Rookwood.

I’m not entirely sure they were happy to have invited Plague Alana into their home, but they smiled politely and fed me some lovely homemade pasta anyway.

I love Newcastle and my friends in it. It’s such a gorgeous city, filled with pristine beaches, great restaurants and cool bars.

Every time I visit I fantasise about moving back and living by the sea.

It’s a dream that my life circumstances keep thwarting from come true, but I’ve resolved not to leave it so long between visits next time.

Do you love the town you grew up in … Or were you stoked to leave?







2 thoughts on “Blasts from the past: day two

  1. Yep, agreed…Newie was always a nice place to live but it is even better every time I return for a visit! One of these days….
    Get well soon. 😷

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