My week: wonky, woebegone … and that is SO whacked

Hang on, sorry, that's a wobbegong. My bad.

Hang on, sorry, that’s a wobbegong. My bad.

There’s something about being sick for 10 days that starts to get to down. The first couple of days are a bit Bugger, I feel like crap philosophical. Then you wake up on day 10, groan and think Seriously? How can I still be coughing? Sigh.

So I can’t say I’ve been a joy.

But it feels like there’s a light at the end of the tunnel. For example: my voice has finally come back. When I told my friend Mel that I couldn’t talk she texted back: “U never have anything much to say anyway. Hahahahaha.”

I think I may have a bit of a reputation.

(Mel, bless her, also left little packets of vitamins on my doorstep. So she’s forgiven for suggesting I’m a motor mouth.)

It’s not all bleak, brave smiles. There’s been some genuine amusement along the way. Like the look on the youngest’s face after the dentist put fluoride on her teeth yesterday. I know I shouldn’t laugh, but …

Facebook has also been keeping me entertained as I’ve subsided on the couch.

For example, a friend posted this photo …


… which lead to numerous “taking your cock out” jokes in my newsfeed.

And apologies to any of my more prudish followers, but I was majorly entertained by a story (although I didn’t need to watch the video) about MAD Japanese game show.  I’m going to lazily let Dangerous Minds describe it: “Japanese game show Sing What Happens seriously tests their male contestants’ karaoke skills by giving them hand jobs while they sing. The object of the game is for the contestants to know the song by heart and to not be distracted by the hand job. They need to be able to hit the proper notes—perfectly—in order to win. Sometimes a hand is used and other times feet are used for zee sexual gratification. The contestants must be able to carry a tune until they ejaculate.”


That. Is. So. So. Wrong.

And revolting.

But funny.

Meanwhile, at HouseGoesHome …

>> On Monday, I nattered about my time catching up with old friends in Newcastle in a blog called Blasts from the Past.


>> On Tuesday, I threw a pity party called Poor, Poor Pitiful Me. And got some rather lovely flowers from DD that are still going strong. So I felt like a bit of a fraud.

>> On Wednesday I blogged my discomfort about a new Dove ad that asks women to choose whether they are average or beautiful in a post called Feeling Special.

>> On Thursday, I revealed I’d been Mistaken For DD’s Stalker.


>> And on Friday I blogged 8 Awesome Kit Kat Recipes (and two disturbing ones).

Over at Kidspot …

>> This one was HUGE. Three days later it was still kicking goals on the site: Neil Patrick Harris feeds his kids WHAT? 

>> Jeff Goldblum, 62, Alec Baldwin, 56, and now Billy Joel, 65, are about to be dads again … Are they MAD?

>> What do you think about the way this little boy’s dad celebrated his scars?

>> She thought she looked “beautiful” but ugly trolls attacked Pink for her red carpet frock … they picked the wrong woman to mess with!

How was your week? 

Song of the day: Simple Minds “Don’t you forget about me”

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