Free money (and fishnets)

My mum handed me a bank passbook yesterday. A family friend had opened the account when the eldest was born and put $100 in it. The idea was that I’d add to the $100 over the years and pay for the eldest’s university education or something.

That didn’t happen.

So, 11 years later, we liberated the $100.

Gotta love free money.

The kids were stoked. I bought them Beanie Babies and personalised friendship bracelets at Toys r Us and cheap boots from Target.

Then we headed to Athlete’s Foot to buy gym shoes with my birthday money. Sadly, because of my narrow, weirdy feet there were only two pairs in the whole store he could recommend. And the cheapest was $199.

So I got them and made my peace with the fluoro orange laces and stripes “matched” with green and black patterned bits.

Bulk fun was had by all … Especially once the Codral kicked in.

Then I corpsed out in bed until it was time to head to the evocatively named Blackbutt Hotel for $10.50 steak and chips.

I felt pretty bloody ordinary as we headed to the pub. But some extra Codral and a few glasses of verdehlo improved my mood enormously.

Today dawns brighter. I’m looking forward to lunch with year 7 friends and arvo drinks by the sea with my mate Paul, who is in Newie for a wedding.

I’ve decided to overdress. After spending the past four years in cargo pants and baggy t-shirts, I’ve resolved that life is too short to dress down.

So the past week has been spent putting on the ritz.

Today I’m cracking out the heels and the fishnets. I asked my friend Megz if she thought sequins were a bit much for lunch in Hamilton and she assured me anything goes in Newcastle …

I’ll let you know if she’s right, because I remember many an unpleasant remark being shouted at me from passing cars at me in my youth.

And no-one reacted particularly favourably to me wearing a red leather bow tie to high school.

But perhaps times have changed.

Do you ever miss dressing up?






2 thoughts on “Free money (and fishnets)

  1. Alana, you could rock up in a crocheted top with no bra in beaumont st & no 1 wld bat an eyelid… (iv seen it!!!)
    So, my shorts & tshirt r probably off the cards… ill have to hunt thru the wardrobe

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