I need a doctor

Everything hurts: my head, my neck, my throat, my shoulders, my back, my hips, my wrists …

I’ve caught some low-level lurgy. Blah.

You know how you just want to curl up in your bed when you’re sick? Well, I can’t, because I’m staying at my parents’ place and sharing a double bed with my snoring, pointy elbowed nine-year-old.

And I forgot to bring sleep aids. Sob. Mum gave me some nighttime Codrals, but they didn’t knock me out, so I spent eight hours lying in an aching, bleary haze.

I feel quite, quite sorry for myself and annoyed that all my lovely Newcastle plans won’t be quite so lovely because I’m poorly.

There are beauty treatments this morning, then a trip to the shops to buy my birthday gym shoes. We’re supposed to be exploring the rock pools near Merewether Baths this afternoon at low tide, then going out to dinner.

But I’m just not feeling jazzed. Maybe the day time Codrals will do a better job.

Wish me luck … Or at least the ability to swallow without wincing.

As for my doctor, he’s in Korea speechifying.


Any remedies for me?









8 thoughts on “I need a doctor

  1. go to the compounding chemist in hamo – down near tudor st, visionary health… ask for ‘spiroflor’ – its a natural flu killer… will work by tomorrow if u take a few of the ampules every few hours…

  2. I hear ya! We DROVE down to Sydney from Murwillumbah for a house-minding holiday in Maroubra. On days 1-2, Leila had temperature, vomiting, sore throat etc. Day 3 we decided to venture out for a quick swim at the ocean bath and Within minutes in the water, Leila had stepped on a sea urchin. Three hours at children’s hospital emergency room. we finally head off to the family Easter gathering WE organised ( 3 hours late). That evening Craig and I both come down with Leila’s flu. Two days later, heading home and still feel like shit. Holidays my arse!

  3. Bed. All. Day!
    And plenty of water to “flush that flu right outta your head”!
    Hopefully, you’ll get to enjoy Friday’s lunch, at least.

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