Taking stock


I’m lost for words.

No, that’s not right. I have plenty of words (as you will note when you scroll down the page and wince). I’m rarely lost for them. It’s inspiration I’m lacking …

Normally I’m energised by writing, but I think I’m at one of those mini turning points where you don’t know whether you’re Arthur or Martha and it eventually turns out your Myrtle.

So, while I wait for Myrtle to materialise …

Yesterday, Mrs Woog ripped off an idea from her friend Pip from Meet Me At Mikes: her Taking Stock Posts. Now I’ve decided to rip off Mrs Woog ripping off Pip. I need a “cheat’s blog” day because, aside from the Myrtle business, I’m off to Newie for a few days and frantic getting ready the house ready for my beloved dogsitter Glenn.

Here goes:

Making … a birthday pressie for my mum, the woman who has everything. Sadly, I can’t tell you what it is because Mum reads the blog and it would spoil her surprise.

Cooking … Shakshuka (baked eggs) to use up all the bits and bobs in the fridge. I had it for lunch yesterday, dinner last night and I’ll take it to work for lunch today. And then I won’t want to see another egg for a looooong time.

Drinking … I started writing this last night with a 5 Seeds Crisp Apple Cider. I’m finishing it with a slug of grape juice (not a euphemism) in a glass of water. In an hour, I’ll be inhaling a Diet Coke from the “42” slot in the vending machine at work.

Reading … DD gave me Iain Banks’ Stonemouth for Christmas, and I’m attempting to get through it before next Christmas. I used to be so good at reading books before my brain got sucked out by social media.

Needing … A holiday without my beloved kids or dogs. One where I can lie in bed for hours without a soundtrack of whining from any of my dependents, followed by hours sitting on a balcony with a view of the water and a glass of rose/champers/riesling/pinot gris in my hand without a soundtrack of whining from any of my dependents … much as I adore them. I’d even settle for a weekend away. Sadly neither is imminent.

Looking … Spotty. Mum is promising to revamp my whole skincare and make-up routine in Newie to see if we can stop me looking like a pimply 14-year-old with a 47-year-old’s wrinkles (terrible combo).

Wanting … a lash tint and brow wax. Fortunately Mum has scored me an appointment at Krystle’s fibro Salon de Beaute at 10.30am on Thursday.

Anticipating … lots of laughter at a reunion lunch with three of my school friends on Friday. We haven’t been in the same room together for decades.

Playing … The 10th anniversary edition of Pete Murray’s Feeler. Freaking awesome. Pete Murray is a legend. Hoping to play it in the car on the way to Newie, if I can’t work out how to get the stereo functioning again after the dead battery incident last week.

Waiting … For DD to come back from Korea. Sigh. And he only left yesterday. Sigh.

Wishing … I’d remembered to buy turps so I could clean the lambswool mitt thingy I used to stain my front door yesterday. Ah well, it has two sides, I’ll just use the other one for the second coat …

Smelling … The pungent staining oil I used on the front door. I went for Merbau. My sister’s hubby has been at me for months to sort it out … so I’m also smelling success (or at least no longer feeling guilty about being slack).

Washing … everything that’s not nailed down so Glen the dogsitter doesn’t think I’m a total slattern when, in fact, I AM a total slattern

Pondering … What I’ll get the kids for dinner on the freeway as we drive to Newcastle tonight. My sneaky long-distance treat is Maccas, but the kids have declared it disgusting aside from the french fries … maybe they could just have french fries while I scoff one of those new jalapeno chicken burger thingies, or a Fillet o Fish … my childhood favourite (do they even still make them??)

Wondering (all the goddamn time, geez it’s exhausting) … If my breath (or anything else) smells, if my cellulite and mummy tummy look ick, if I’ve stuffed up, if somebody doesn’t like me, if I’m being dull, if I’m going on too much, if I’m self-absorbed. OK, I just answered the last one.

Feeling … Guilty about going on a shopping spree that involved buying three (three!) Leona Edmiston dresses on sale, some pointy heels (also on sale) and other fripperies (again, on sale) that shall remain private. Oh the shame!

Wearing … Ugg boots, antique Peter Alexander shortie pjs and ratty undies. Well, it’s very early … soon I’ll crack out the Leona dress even the shop assistant described as “mushroomy” on the hanger, but it looks (oddly) fabulous on. I’ve even made the eldest try it on as a potential year 6 formal dress … even though the year six formal is six months away and she might like to wear something a little less middle-aged. But she did look quite fetching in it.

Following … An Instagram account Mrs Woog recommended in her post – TEXTS FROM YOUR EX. It’s a cack.

Noticing … How lucky I am to have two kids who are so gorgeous inside and out … I just stare at them and my heart gets all explody.

Giggling … over the texts my nine-year-old has been sending me.

Knowing … I really should stop eating the kids’ Easter eggs when they’re not looking. Stopping may also help with the spots and the cellulite and the mummy tummy.

Thinking … how unexpectedly lovely life in your late 40s can turn out to be.

Opening … my quarterly delivery of wine from Sam Miranda that arrived yesterday arvo. The $12 Snow Road sparkling ROCKS.

Hoping … My missing spectacles turn up before I hit the road.

Tell me something your hoping, loving, wanting, needing …

Song of the day: Olivia Newton-John & John Travolta “You’re the one that I want”


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