The beat goes on

I took DD to the launch of Australian Cocktail Month last night. He forgot to pack his jammies for a sleepover, so he had to drink mocktails. Poor him.

We caught the bus into town because the traffic on the Sydney Harbour Bridge is insane at around 6pm. Then we wandered up the road to the party, which was being held a few blocks from Wynyard Station, to pretend we were groovers for a few hours.

Australian Cocktail Month kicks off on May 1 and promises four weeks of cocktail celebrations across Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide.

The festival is partnering with some of the best local and international alcohol brands to champion the country’s bar industry. Guests will unlock unique bar experiences with the Australian Cocktail Month ticket. The $20 ticket allows them to access to a special menu of cocktails created exclusively for the month. The menu will be available at participating venues, with cocktails priced at $14, and non-alcoholic options at $10.

Click here for more info.

It’s been organised by a lovely woman called Penny Sippe (above), who I first met when she was working at Bacardi. She’s THE best comms person, who has sent me so many great stories and invited me to lots of cool things over the years.

I can’t imagine the stress she has been under putting the festival together. It was so nice to hear the crowd give her three cheers after her speech.

The launch was held at a new spot called Hinchcliff House, a four-level venue that includes an underground drinking den called Apollonia, a restaurant called Grana (where the Australian Cocktail Month launch was held), restaurant Lana on the first floor and Hinchcliff House Events on the top floor, with the second two venues opening in May.

There were lots of oysters and arancini balls and little plates of pasta to nibble on throughout the evening, plus a tempting bar menu.

I felt it was my duty as a booze writer to try as many of the cocktails as possible. It’s hard being me. I sampled the Pineapple Fancy, Without A Trace, Appollonia Spritz and Spin The Bottle. I didn’t drink the whole cocktails or I’d have been cactus – I need my wits about me for my Butt, Abs & Thighs class this morning.

DD had to make do with an alcohol-free Pants on Fire and lots of water.

My favourite drink was the Without A Trace (the dark one with the orange dot). Nom, nom. DD agreed that if he had packed his PJs he’d have hoovered down a few of them. He lurves a bourbon.

We got the lovely Loy, who you might remember from the YCK Block Party event, to take this photo of us. Loy is an absolute sweetheart and hugged me joyously to his heart when he saw me.

Being old, we were probably the first ones to leave – the place was still pumping when we slipped out.

My poor liver. Fortunately, today is alcohol free, but still flat out like a lizard drinking. Some things never change!

Song of the day: Sonny & Cher “The beat goes on”

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