Not so inspirational

One of the many things I learned during my recent contracting role is that I’m not an inspirational quote type of gal.

As you may recall from a previous post, inspirational quotes were very popular with the website’s social media followers. One that went through the roof the week before I started said: “It’s OK if you fall apart sometimes … tacos fall apart and we still love them.”

Much as I love eating tacos, I can’t seem to channel inspirational quotes about them. And I’m hopeless at finding motivational messages that don’t make my eyes roll like a poker machine with a pensioner perched on a stool in front of it.

That said, I’m quite taken with a bourbon ad on my local bus stop – it features one of the most inspiring quotes I’ve seen lately. I reckon this is a damn good philosophy to live by:

Anyways, aside from booze philosophy, I think I’m more of an interesting quote person. For example, this one that I posted at my contracting gig just before I left went quite well:

Those words really spoke to me. It took a long time for me to realise that I was feeling a desperate pull to live a different life. And I am slowly letting go of the person I thought I was supposed to be and embracing who I am.

For example, who knew I was into seeing retro Aussie rockers perform live and gazing at waterfalls? Not me!

Oh, just to confuse matters, I also don’t mind this quote that popped up in my Facebook feed – I can’t decide if it’s inspirational or practical:

I’m still battling to reconcile wanting to be liked by everyone with not needing to be liked by everyone. And it can lead to a little tiptoeing, which Is getting a bit tiring. I’m more of a robust footsteps – and discussions – person. And I like to know where I stand, rather than constantly second guessing. I’m so eager to be completely among my tribe, both personally and professionally. It blows me away how many people – personally and professionally – get away with creating a tiptoe environment around themselves. Especially the ones who pretend to be blithely oblivious to the effect they have on others.

One day I will share a post I’ve written about the damaging effects of gaslighting – which sits at the extreme end of the tiptoe/second-guessing spectrum – and my disdain for people who practice it. But not quite yet.

I am also feeling pretty disdainful about STILL NOT HAVING A COURTESY CAR.

Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed for me that it happens soon. Although driving my Hyundai i30 rental has made me fall in love with them – they are so easy and zippy.

OK, gotta go. Kids, dogs and hot gardeners to wrangle. Plus a Drinks Digest newsletter to compile. Have a great day!

Song of the day: Annie Lennox “Broken glass”

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  1. Today’s post spoke to me more than usual. I discovered late into my 40’s the difference between wants and needs. Very different beasts. The needs are where your heart leads you, including to your tribe. Wants are more superficial. The bugger sometimes though is working out which is which.

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