My new wheels

I got a new car yesterday … well, just for a week. It’s another bloody Renault, a hulking thing called a Kadjar. I feel like I’m driving a big, shiny red tank. I should also point out that’s not my residence behind it, I had to park the car in a side street until my (far more humble) driveway was available.

The 86-year-old bloke I often meet in the mornings on my dog walks … and who I suspect wants to marry me – he’s only human – offered to give me a lift to get the courtesy car. I’ve seen him behind the wheel and I’m not entirely sure I could handle the added stress in my life. So I said I was happy to get the exercise and grab a coffee from my favourite barista on the way. I tried oat milk yesterday in my strong flat white. It was oh-kay. Cow’s milk is still the winner, but I suspect my stomach doesn’t agree.

Richard at the service centre looked a little nervous to meet me in person after hearing me go postal on the phone, but I was very friendly and polite and didn’t make a howling, weeping, tearing-my-hair-out scene. There’s a $2500 excess on the big, shiny red tank, so wish me godspeed.

I dropped the rental car back to No Birds at lunchtime and accidentally left my e-tag masking taped to the windscreen. No one noticed when they were cleaning the car, so it’s been sent off with a new family for the week. Oooops. I’ve had to report it lost and pay $15 for a new one. Bugger.

My lovely friend Alice collected me from No Birds and took me out for the most delicious bowl of pho. It really hit the spot. As did a walk with my friend Wendy afterwards. Although we need to do another walk really soon because I talked non-stop for the first 50 minutes, then got a message from the youngest begging me to pick her up from the bus stop and take her to Rebel for new sport shoes because her old ones literally fell apart at her sports carnival. So I had to race off without hearing much detail on what Wendy has been up to lately. Sorry Wendy, if you happen to be reading this blog post.

The youngest was delighted to tell me that she might be going to the Zone Carnival for shotput because there were only three girls competing in her age group and she came second. She does seem to specialise in tallest dwarf activities.

In other news, have you checked out the Drinks Digest homepage lately? It has three ads on it now because I learned how to do the ad widget thingy on the weekend. I was very proud of myself. There’s also some exciting news coming on the ad front soon, plus I’m planning on rebooting The Thirsty Travellers now that we can actually travel again.

Also, DD is starting a new job in June. This is the view from his new office-to-be …


OK, gotta go. Another busy day ahead, including an ENT visit. Fingers crossed I get the all-clear to swim again.

Song of the day: Steve Winwood “Higher love”

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