The milky way

It may be just a coincidence, but I stopped drinking milk over the weekend and decreased my gluten intake and I feel much, much better.

It probably helps that I also stopped burning the candle at both ends.

I had been feeling so weary and blerk in the stomach that DD suggested I go back on my multiple disaccharide deficiency diet. That diet is VERY restrictive – think protein and a few vegetables, with some nuts thrown in for variety – so I’ve modified it for quality of life purposes.

I drank soy milk for the first time on Saturday, in a strong flat white, and didn’t mind it. I also skipped my usual half sugar. I didn’t feel queasy all day and my exhaustion levels were what I imagine are appropriate for a 53 year-old single mum with a dodgy car requiring $16,0000 in repairs and an unpredictable career as a freelance writer/alcohol website editor.

For breakfast on Saturday, I had a handful of roasted almonds, lunch was chicken with roasted vegetables, and dinner was sang choi bow with sweet potato noodles. I went to bed early and slept eight hours.

There were more roasted almonds for breakfast on Sunday, more roasted veggies and chicken for lunch, then I went a bit wild and crazy and made DD slow-cooked lamb shank rendang with pumpkin for dinner with a little brown rice and quinoa on the side.

I’m talking so much about the food I ate because the weekend was pretty uneventful aside from what happened in the kitchen. Lots of walks, a trip to Woolies … that’s about it.

I needed it after the hectic pace of last week. If you missed the round-up of my escapades, click here.

Oh … and I wept buckets over actor Damian Lewis’ tribute to his wife, who sadly passed away from cancer last week at age 52. He concludes by saying she’d been a meteor in his life.

This week is mad as a cut snake, even crazier than last week.

It kicks off with submitting three freelance articles I wrote over the weekend, doing a video interview, walking to the service centre to finally take delivery of a courtesy car from Renault at 10am, dropping the rental car back, having a very belated bowl of birthday pho with my friend Alice and finally catching up for a quick walk with my friend Wendy. And that’s just what I have in the calendar until 3pm.

So hold on tight, it’s going to be busy, busy, busy.

Have you got a big week ahead?

Song of the day: The Village People “Do the Milkshake”

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